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How the U.S. Pay-TV Industry is Killing its Own Primary Product

The U.S. pay-TV industry lost subscribers for the first time on a year-over-year basis in 2013. The top 8 cable providers, top 2 telcos and satellite operators dropped, overall, 0.4% of their video subscribers in 2013, down 340,000.

Penetration of households continues a long term decline, falling below 2009 levels.

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Why Gigabit Broadband is Unavailable to Most Americans

slow american broadband internet access

The U.S. gigabit broadband internet access market remains tiny. Fewer than 30 companies offer such speeds today, reaching about 400,000 customers, according to RVA Market Research.

Aside from Google, which has started offering service on its gigabit network in the Kansas City area, they are mostly smaller companies.

Such as Minnesota-based Hiawatha Broadband Communications Inc. and California-based Paxio Inc.; municipal operators like LUS Fiber, Lafayette, La.; and public utilities like Chattanooga, Tenn.’s EPB fiber network.

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Why the “TV Everywhere” Initiative has Failed

In 2009, cable giant Comcast Corp.and Time Warner — parent of TNT, TBS, HBO and other popular channels — unveiled “TV Everywhere,” an initiative that was to be a blueprint for the pay-TV industry to develop a platform to let subscribers watch content on their computers, phones or tablets.

The proposition was simple enough: Take all that is good about television — lots of channels at the click of a button — and transfer it online.

But in the three years since it was conceived, TV Everywhere has struggled to gain traction.

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Global Leaders of Multi-Screen Service Deployments

North America and Western Europe are showing “significant” growth over Eastern Europe and Asia in multi-screen services, according to a new report from Parks Associates, which predicts that by mid-2011, TV Everywhere services will be available to 81% of U.S. and Canadian pay-TV subscribers.

U.S. providers in particular are described as moving aggressively in this area, due to the fact that multiscreen services are believed to help reduce churn and attract younger subscribers. Almost 40% of U.S. broadband consumers aged 18 to 34 are reported to find TV Everywhere services “very appealing”.

In North America, most multiscreen services are available to subscribers at no extra cost: Comcast is named as being an early leader in this area, launching Fancast Xfinity TV in December 2009.

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Comcast Offers On-Demand TV from All Four Networks

Comcast announced they are the first to offer current TV shows On Demand from all four major broadcast networks – ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC. This expansion of TV series, among others, nearly doubles the amount of hit TV series now available from the major broadcast networks, and brings customers the most TV episodes in high-definition On Demand.

“Our goal is to deliver customers the best and most-current entertainment choices anytime, anywhere so they can catch up and keep up with their favorite TV shows,” said Marcien Jenckes, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Video Services for Comcast.

Starting on Thursday, April 28, more than 20 popular TV series from ABC and FOX will begin to roll out On Demand the day after the TV series’ live broadcast and will be fast forward disabled.

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Amazing Growth of the Netflix Subscription Model

Netflix is poised to become the largest subscription entertainment business in the U.S. when it reports quarterly earnings on Monday.

Analysts are figuring that Netflix will have added around 3.7 million subscribers to its ranks, giving it 23.7 million, give or take 100,000.

Even if Netflix is shy of estimates, it will likely show enough growth to propel it ahead of Comcast at 22.8 million video subscribers and beyond the 20.2 million subs at Sirius XM Radio.

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U.S. Broadband Subscriber Results Q4 2010

U.S. Broadband Service Providers (BSPs) added 1.2 million new subscribers to their rolls in the fourth quarter of 2010, for a total of 4 million new customers over the course of the year.

This sum is identical to the 2009 number, and is indicative of gradual plateauing of the U.S. fixed broadband market, where household penetration has reached 65 percent.

Market leader Comcast accounted for over 25% of the net additional subscribers, bringing on 1.058 million new customers over the year. Cablevision likewise saw a bump in its subscriber rolls, due largely to its Q4 acquisition of Bresnan Communications Co. for $1.37 billion. The acquisition, viewed by many as a pricey one, did buy the MSO 200,000+ new subscribers, and roughly a point of market share.

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