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Transmedia: The Walking Dead – Adventure Game

This week, Telltale Games kicks of yet another transmedia treatment of Robert Kirkman’s zombified black & white comic book series, “The Walking Dead.”

Writer Sean Vanaman, who also lent his talents to several “Tales of Monkey Island” episodes, has crafted a new story built into Kirkman’s universe, one that will play out over the course of five episodes.

The first episode is out now, serving up a handful of adventure gaming hours in Lee Everett’s shoes.

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Transmedia: Marvel Entertainment Launches Digital Comics

Marvel Entertainment announced its big digital comics push, dubbed “ReEvolution,” at SXSW over the weekend.

The initiative introduces new features to the company’s line of superhero titles: augmented reality bonus content that uses digital devices like smartphones and tablets to add a new dimension to print editions.

It introduced a transmedia storytelling mode for digital-only releases the company is calling “Infinite Comics.”

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Transmedia at the Core, Not an Afterthought

The search for revenue in a fast-changing Hollywood is giving new currency to the notion of “transmedia” – but one company has given up on putting movies at the top of the value heap.

Blacklight Transmedia, a two-year-old company founded by former Fox Atomic executives Zak Kadison and R. Eric Lieb, has set out to develop books, movies, comics, games and other media properties — simultaneously.

When they develop projects, they create a “bible” that contains intertwining storylines and artwork. That way, when they pitch projects to studios, they step in with broadly fleshed-out ideas.

Blacklight’s principals believe that by coming up with the ideas all at once, each element of the broader project will be better.

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