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Defining Authentic Leadership in a Time of Crisis

Defining Authentic Leadership in a Time of Crisis

“In a time of crisis like the coronavirus pandemic, workers, friends and family will look to leaders for guidance and reassurance — so what does a good leader look like? From being compassionate with your colleagues to strong communication, these seven distinct qualities are key to survival.”

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Why Telecom Services are Essential During a Pandemic

Why Telecom Services are Essential During a Pandemic

“The rapidly unfolding coronavirus pandemic has underlined the criticality of telecom infrastructure. The global health emergency is placing new pressures on telecom services, as well as spotlighting the key role they can play beyond simple connectivity in emergency scenarios such as this.”

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Digital Transformation: Leading the Narrative

Digital Transformation: Leading the Narrative

CIOs who want to brand IT, and themselves, as strategic partners need to communicate a compelling vision of how technology can drive revenue and transform business. CIOs need strong ideas — and strong presentation skills to win people over.

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How a Compelling Point of View Drives Digital Growth

How a Compelling Point of View Drives Digital Growth

This study finds leaders have “A clear, compelling point of view directed toward the target market. Companies with high Point of View scores are 2.5 times more likely than others to have had revenue growth of at least 10% in each of the past two years.”

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Open Your Organization to Honest Conversations

Open Your Organization to Honest Conversations

“When company leaders can’t hear the voices of their workers, serious strategic mistakes are likely. Michael Beer discusses ways organizations can build powerful communication channels.” Discover why senior leaders are responsible for a real ‘Open Organization’ culture. Speak up, don’t be afraid.

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Shaping Brand Sentiment in a Saturated Media Landscape

Shaping Brand Sentiment in a Saturated Media Landscape

“As we enter the third decade of the 21st century, this unintended consequence of the digital content economy is entering its next phase. We are now in the era of attention saturation, where every new consumption minute gained comes at the cost of consumption time elsewhere.”

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Top 50 Senior Executives on Social Media in 2019

Top 50 Senior Executives on Social Media in 2019

The Top 50 Executives on Social Media is the first ranking of C-Suite executives’ performance. Unlike other lists on this topic, the goal was to find the executives who had built a robust social media presence across platforms.

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Why Digital Content Strategy Leadership is Essential

Why Digital Content Strategy Leadership is Essential

“Only 48% of the communications collateral used by companies to influence stakeholder perceptions is easy to process. The majority is complex, containing too much extraneous information. Leaders must eliminate the nonessential and remove clutter so that messages are concise and easy to digest.”

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Why Authentic Employee Advocates will Drive Growth

Why Authentic Employee Advocates will Drive Growth

While trust in brands has dwindled, B2B buyers hold those same brands’ employees in high regard as authentic and compelling sources of information. They want to engage with them. However, buyers don’t trust paid ‘influencer’ shills — they’re not credible.

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How Authentic Narratives Fuel Community Engagement

How Authentic Narratives Fuel Community Engagement

“A dizzying array of new marketing vehicles have popped up in recent years. Traditional media such as magazines and events are very important in communicating to a community, but new media allows innovative ways to extend and enhance the message.”

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