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Explore the Gigabit Fiber Network Global Leaders

The Race to Gigabit Fiber Networks

“The group of countries where fiber has become almost ubiquitous – covering more than 95 percent of homes – has increased to more than 10 . These markets remain predominantly only in selected geographies: Southeast Asia, Persian Gulf, and the Baltics and Iberian Peninsula in Europe.”

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B2B ‘State of Sales’ Report Uncovers Best Practices

B2B 'State of Sales' Report Uncovers Best Practices

In the survey of more than 500 buyers and 500 salespeople, active listening was cited as the #1 trait that buyers value in salespeople (42%) with problem-solving at 38%. Other top traits included confidence at 38%, relationship building at 34% and oral communications at 27%.

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Four Trends That Will Shape B2B Engagement

Four Trends That Will Shape B2B Engagement

Positioning a company’s experts as “thought leaders” is hardly a new idea. From bylined articles and blog posts to videos and webinars, such “content” helps give your brand a face and shows you have a finger on the pulse of the industry. Customers appreciate it too: 96% of B2B buyers say they would like to see even more expert perspective.

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Publishing Best Practices of the Top Ranked Business Blogs

b2b marketing communications business blog

The top 10 business blogs ranked are publishing nearly 8X as many blog posts as blogs ranked from 11–50. This is a huge difference in how often they publish blog posts. It’s interesting that both groups posted 6–7 times per day on Twitter and 2 times per day on Facebook, but the frequency with which they posted new content to their blogs was vastly different.

Source: Hubspot

Online Commercial Storytelling Interactive Design Examples

brand storytelling interactive user experience

Effective storytelling requires that you use visual and user interface design to create something that people want to interact with. In this piece, we’ll explain some key techniques illustrated with plenty of live examples.

Source: TNW

The Entertainment, Media and Communications Market Update

Entertainment Media Communications

Consolidation continues across the key sectors of the digital technology markets within America. According to the latest market study report from PwC, the second quarter (Q2) 2015 deal value reached $76 billion — that’s compared to $39 billion in the first quarter (Q1) 2015.

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Seven Proven Strategies for Superior Commercial Storytelling

Stories can be compelling and entertaining. Stories can teach and influence. Stories make our messages memorable. Use these seven strategies to hone and polish your commercial storytelling skills, and achieve the results you seek as a leader and communicator.

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Proven Results – Why Mobile Channel Marketing Matters

The conversion rates on mobile searches are high. About two thirds of searches done for a product on a mobile device result in a purchase, with men being more likely to make a purchase after a mobile search than women.

The restaurant industry reports a conversion rate of about 90% when people search for a restaurant on a mobile device.

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Why Social Media Teams and Budgets are Shrinking in 2014

The number of companies with four or more people using social as part of their role has shrunk year-on-year since 2011. These findings may not imply that social is “maturing” in business, and we’re moving smoothly towards an efficient implementation.

Instead, far more likely, the amount of resource (human and budget) given over to social media is decreasing due to questionable value.

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Exploring the Global Demand for Fiber Optic Infrastructure

With more than 100 countries now involved in the deployment of Fiber to the Premises (FttP), there is increased evidence that commercial demand exists for this communications infrastructure.

Over the next 5 years in developed economies FttP demand will grow to between 30%-50% of the population. Competition aimed at the top end of this market will trigger a broader rollout.

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