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Why CFOs Fund ‘Remote Work’ IT Infrastructure

Why CFOs Fund Remote Work IT Infrastructure

“Flexible work is an essential component of the future of business, and it seems that it’s here to stay. 72% of CFOs believe that work flexibility will make their company better in the long run. This drives home the urgent need to bolster remote work capabilities — enabling employees to work from wherever they want, whenever they want.”

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How Agile Tech Talent Creates a Competitive Advantage

How Agile Tech Talent Creates a Competitive Advantage

The opportunity and challenge for HR leaders are to respond and move from a static to an agile planning approach, one that can continually reshape the workforce to incorporate changes in business and skill needs during the pandemic and beyond.

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Reviewing Remote Work in the U.S. Under COVID-19


“The magnitude of putting the remote work genie back in the bottle is evident in Gallup Panel data on the proportion of employees working remotely throughout the COVID-19 crisis, and the reluctance of these workers to return to their regular workplace.”

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Digital Darwinism: How the Trailblazers Gain Momentum


When we look back throughout history, market disruptions to the status quo creates challenges for the many unprepared executives and opportunities for the few leaders that are able to envision a new environment that’s free from the limitations of the past.

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CEO: No, Employees Won’t Return to the Open Office

CEO: No, Employees Won't Return to the Open Office

“The COVID-19 pandemic forcing those who could work from home to do so has led to a surprising result β€” improved productivity. U.S. workers were 47% more productive in March and April than in the same two months a year ago through cloud-based business tools, chat applications, and email…”

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Why C-Suite Leaders Accelerate Digital Business Adoption

Why C-Suite Leaders Accelerate Digital Business Adoption

Quickly pivoting the business agenda will be critical for the recovery. Digital will undoubtedly play a center-stage role. Here are suggestions for a 90-day plan to realign the digital agenda and implement the enablers for acceleration during the recovery.

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Fearless ‘Digital Savvy’ CEOs will Increase IT Investment

Fearless Digital Savvy CEOs will Increase IT Investment

“While many end-user organizations are facing an immediate slowdown, some industries will see increased technology investment in the long term as businesses look to recover and leverage technology to improve their resiliency.”

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Post-Pandemic: Ten Guidelines for Creating Opportunities


“The fact that this is a new reality does not mean we should surrender to it. We can transform the crisis into opportunities if we think about the following guidelines and apply them to our own situations.” — First, change your mental model.

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Digital Talent Analysis: Finding the Pivotal Roles

Digital Talent Analysis: Finding the Pivotal Roles

“Many organizations have imposed hiring freezes; some are still hiring for pivotal roles, and some have gone on the offensive and stepped up hiring. A few are taking a long-term view and recategorizing the skills they deem critical.”

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Why a Diversity of Perspectives Matter to Savvy CEOs

Why a Diversity of Perspectives Matter to Savvy CEOs

The business case for diversity is ever more pressing. For over a decade, study after study has propagated the same conclusion: A diverse team – representing diverse nationalities, genders, abilities, ideologies, religions and more – makes organizations more innovative, profitable, appealing to workers and resilient to economic shocks.

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