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How 5G Fixed Wireless Access will Liberate Americans

How 5G Fixed Wireless Access will Liberate Americans

5G fixed wireless access (FWA) delivers several benefits to both telecom network operators and consumers. The deployment of 5G fixed wireless broadband networks in place of last-mile fiber connectivity will save costs and time to install fiber-optic lines while providing Gigabit capacity broadband access.

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Update: The Video Entertainment Streaming Wars

Update: The Video Entertainment Streaming Wars

“As a number of powerful media companies enter the streaming video marketplace in a very big way, choice in this promising arena has never been greater. The clamor to get involved in the streaming boom is certainly growing louder, but when it comes to determining successes and failures, the consumer is the ultimate decider.”

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How to Become a Digital Business Innovation Factory

How to Become a Digital Business Innovation Factory

“By 2023, IDC predicts enterprises’ ability to rapidly develop their own digital innovations will be a core competitive requirement, as more than half of the world-wide economy will be digitally driven.”

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How AI Innovation will Transform Business Strategy

How AI Innovation will Transform Business Strategy

For the first time in 100 years, new technologies such as artificial intelligence are causing firms to rethink their competitive strategy and organizational structure, say the authors of a new book, ‘Competing in the Age of AI’.

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Focus on Strategy, Talent and Cost to Win in the Turns

Focus on Strategy, Talent and Cost to Win in the Turns

“As leaders of product organizations, general managers play a major role in organizational transformation and the culture shift to an increased service orientation. Create a culture that supports this new strategy with agile and DevOps techniques and build resilient teams.”

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How Multicloud Benefits the Private and Public Sectors

How Multicloud Benefits the Private & Public Sectors

According to the Internet Economy Foundation, to ensure diversity and innovation in the cloud computing market and increase cyber-attack resilience, the government needs to ensure free and fair competition.

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Digital Talent: Supply vs Demand Imbalance for 2019

Digital Talent: Supply vs Demand Imbalance for 2019

Many large firms are on the lookout for data scientists, analytics experts and information security pros, as more businesses expand their use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and other emerging technologies in the year ahead, chief information officers say.

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Explore Data Commercialization Upside Opportunities

Explore Data Commercialization Upside Opportunities

Insights-driven companies derive value from their data. They systematically use data to deliver better customer experiences, improve operations, and create competitive differentiation — all of which adds to the bottom line.”

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How Global Innovation Drives the Digital Economy

How Global Innovation Drives the Digital Economy

The global innovation race is heating up, with advances in artificial intelligence, blockchain, biotechnology, data storage and other cutting-edge technologies transforming sectors and global markets. To compete, companies can innovate in-house, or they can acquire others’ innovations.

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Global Public Cloud Computing Revenue Trends

Global Public Cloud Computing Revenue Trends

In the IaaS market, the competitive landscape is consolidating around the current leaders. The top four providers are all hyperscale IaaS providers and represent approximately 73 percent of the total IaaS market and 47 percent of the combined IaaS and infrastructure utility services (IUS) market.

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