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Open Source Foundation Shares OpenStack Progress in 2016

openstack software market research

Many CIOs know they must respond to the growing demand for public cloud services within their organizations. Building a private cloud with on-premises infrastructure is a path to progress, and OpenStack is the software platform.

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Introduction to Linux Containers – including Example Use Cases

Introduction to Linux Containers

Linux Containers have emerged as a key open source application packaging and delivery technology, combining lightweight application isolation with the flexibility of image-based deployment methods. Several components are needed for Linux Containers to function correctly, most of them are provided by the Linux kernel.

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Open Source Containers will Disrupt Proprietary IT Vendors

open source linux container software

Open source software technologies fundamentally shift the nature of the tasks being performed by captive IT organizations working for large enterprises. The rise of Linux Container applications built using agile development methodologies to deliver microservices represents a once-in-a-generation change — as developers exploit this digital transformation.

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More Cloud Providers will Offer Containers for App Development

Containers for App Dev

By the end of 2016, containers will be adopted by at least 20 percent of medium and large IT organizations. And, Cloud providers that are prepared in 2015 with container options will enjoy the greatest benefit from the growing demand.

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Digital Business Transformation Enabled by the API Economy

Software API Economy

The API Economy is the growing ecosystem connected by software APIs which supports a growing number of IT trends — SaaS, Mobile, IoT, Microservices, DevOps, Containers, and Cloud Computing. The combination of these trends is forming the backbone for digital business transformation.

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More Disruptive Trends for the Enterprise IT Market in 2015

There is an explosion of activity around software containerization, leading 451 Research analysts to anticipate disruption in IT departments during 2015, as they start to use Docker. Savvy vendors are already in sync with this phenomena.

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