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Next-Generation Technology to Dramatically Transform Mobile

The next generation of mobile innovation will focus on capturing and modeling consumers’ contextual situations, according to a forecast from PwC.

We are now entering a new, dynamic phase of mobile technology where there is a shift from a limited set of communication and computing functions to intellectual analysis and rationalization of device owners’ physical, virtual and social environments.

via PwC Global

The Art and Science of Superior Content Marketing Practices

Making content marketing strategies contribute to revenue involves more than delivering a continual stream of blog posts, e-books, website content, white papers, and video content. Moreover, the benefits of a superior execution are huge.

As an example, combining story-based content in a problem/solution context increased conversion rates by 46 percent for a B2B marketer of enterprise software. The bottom line is that conversion rates improve when content becomes contextual, tells a compelling story, and includes measurable results with which prospects quickly identify.

via GigaOm Pro