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Study: Remote Workdays Have Doubled in America

Study: Remote Workdays Have Doubled in America

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a surge in remote work. However, that surge is more apparent in the number of remote working days for U.S. telecommuters than in the number of workers moving from on-site to at-home work, according to Gallup.

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Remote Work: Most Employee Preference in Europe

Remote Work: Most Employee Preference in Europe

A Gallup study of remote work in France and the U.K. show a preference among employees to continue working from home, even when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted: 56% of British workers want to stay remote, as do 51% of French workers.

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Human ROI: A Framework for Appraising Tangible Talent


“An accounting framework for human capital that incorporates these guiding principles needs to go beyond existing metrics. We propose a three-part framework that can help companies better understand how work and talent can create value in a post-COVID-19 workplace:”

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New Abnormal: The COVID-19 Trilemma Tradeoffs

New Abnormal: The COVID-19 Trilemma Tradeoffs

“While employers received mixed reviews on their handling of the pandemic, one thing they could do that would appeal to most employees is offer continuing options to work from home. Of those currently working remotely, 80 percent indicate they would like to continue to work away from the office at least occasionally, while 58 percent would like this to be their primary way of working.”


Update: Global IT Infrastructure Services Revenue Reset


The 2020 IT infrastructure services market will decline -4% to -6%, with lost revenue from $33 billion to nearly $50 billion. Note, the market was slated to grow at a modest rate of 2 to 3 percent. However, the pandemic has led to uncertainties across the globe. SD-WAN networking is one of the few exceptions – it’s still driving growth.

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Why the On-Premises IT Decline is Accelerating

Why the On-Premises IT Decline is Accelerating

“The market for data center hardware is soft, and not just because of COVID-19. Like so many other trends, the pandemic didn’t yield anything new, but it did significantly accelerate almost every trend. Spending on teleconferencing exploded, while data center spending slowed considerably.”

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Why COVID-19 Will Accelerate Digital Business Growth

Why COVID-19 Will Accelerate Digital Business Growth

Technology, Media and Telecommunication (TMT) — industries that as a whole touch nearly a third of U.S. GDP — have largely stepped in to fill the void caused by social distancing, allowing us to stay connected, shop from home and keep businesses operating.

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Digital Transformation: The Five Standout Elements

Digital Transformation: The Five Standout Elements

“The COVID-19 pandemic is a full-stop on business as usual and a launching pad for organizations to become virtual, digital-centric, and agile — and to do it all at a lightning-fast speed.” – That realization is coming not a moment too soon.

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What CEOs Didn’t Talk About During the Pandemic

What CEOs Didn't Talk About During the Pandemic

“There is a widespread belief that COVID-19 is accelerating legacy software applications and other enterprise workloads moving to the cloud. Our keyword analysis, however, does not show a meaningful increase in CEOs that discussed the topic throughout Q2 2020.”

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Remote Working: Office Remodeling Gains Momentum

Remote Working: Office Remodeling Gains Momentum

The Remote Work Survey shows that 73 percent of employees would like to work remotely at least two days a week, even once COVID-19 is no longer a concern. Similarly, 55 percent of executives are prepared to expand options for employees to work outside the office.

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