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Transmedia: How VidCon Helps to Promote YouTube Producers

YouTubers post their videos hours, if not minutes, after creating them. This allows for a timely, spontaneous and authentic connection to develop between the YouTube personalities and their fans.

Topical issues can be addressed and the interactions can continue via transmedia, in the form of YouTube comments, Tweets, Facebook FB +1.51% posts, etc.

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Transmedia: Battle School Test for the ‘Ender’s Game’ Movie

School’s out for summer — except in the futuristic world of the upcoming sci-fi film “Ender’s Game” — based on the 1985 novel by Orson Scott Card.

In the film, hostile aliens known as the Formics have attacked Earth, and the planet’s military organization, the International Fleet, is marshaling and training a new generation of young soldiers to continue the fight. Visit the Battle School microsite.

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Transmedia: Lessons for Filmmakers from the IFP Labs

With more and more films having interactive and transmedia components — whether those are primarily marketing-focused or creative extensions of their film’s story worlds — many filmmakers are beginning to plan for more than just their feature films.

A transmedia extension of a feature film requires a re-imagining of the expression of its content, and that re-imagining can employ different models.

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Transmedia: the ‘Disney Infinity’ Huge Game and Toy Franchise

The upcoming launch of “Disney Infinity” will now happen in August.

One of the masterminds of this transmedia strategy — or one that spans multiple entertainment media — is John Blackburn, the co-founder of Avalanche Software and a 20-year veteran of the video game business.

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Transmedia: Explore the 5Rs of Mobile Storytelling Projects

Rob Pratten had a brief but excellent post up on Transmedia Coalition the other day, entitled ”The 5Rs of Mobile in Transmedia Storytelling”.

Read, Reveal, Record, Receive and React, each highlighting a different use of a mobile device in the context of a transmedia project.

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Transmedia: Creating the World ‘Magic – The Gathering’

How will the role of novellas like The Secretist and other lore be used to develop Magic: The Gathering — as a transmedia experience moving forward?

Authoring a fantasy story is hard. Creating a multiple-world-spanning, multiple-viewpoint fantasy story that plays out over novels, cards, comics, web articles, player’s guides, and videos— while working with a team of writers and countless artists, producers, and other creators —is crazy hard, but it’s something we’ve learned a lot about.

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Transmedia: Creative Approach to Storyscaping and Storyliving

“The original idea of storyscaping was about how to deliver never ending narratives in a way that people can actually engage with through communications, through interactions, through consuming the product.”

While everyone is talking about it, they aren’t necessarily doing it – so this is our shot of putting something out there and striving to meet that in everything we do.

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