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Innovation: Leading a Bionic Business Transformation

Innovation: Leading a Bionic Business Transformation

“These companies compete in unprecedented ways by combining digital prowess, human ingenuity, and strategic purpose, as if they were the corporate equivalent of superhuman cyborgs such as Marvel Comics’ Iron Man.”

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How to Market Professional Services via Workplace Culture

How to Market Professional Services via Workplace Culture

When people find businesses intentionally delivering the kinds of distinctive, hassle-free experiences they crave, they can’t wait to tell their peers about it. The consistent delivery of competence, attention, and care is fueled by a healthy workplace culture.

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Why Digital Growth is Often Limited by Legacy IT Culture

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Rapid development of technology is leading 57% to rethink business models, while 49% say that company culture has changed as a direct result of digital.  Legacy systems are holding back progress for 50%, and the old organizational structure is a thorn in the side for 38%, according to a Nimbus Ninety market study.

Source: Nimbus Ninety

Global Quest for Savvy Forward-Thinking Digital Talent

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Seventy percent of the more than 3,700 executives, managers, and analysts we surveyed agreed that their organizations needed a new or different talent base to compete effectively in a digital world. Yet the actual skills that organizations and their employees likely need may come as a surprise.

Source: Sloan Review

Why the Legacy Broadcast TV Business Model is Obsolete

Netflix’s gambit, aped by Amazon Studios and other imitators, is to replace the traditional TV model with one dictated by the behaviors and values of the Internet generation.

Instead of feeding a collective identity with broadly appealing content, the streamers imagine a culture united by shared tastes rather than arbitrary time slots.

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The Burning Man Phenomenon Softens to Commercial Interests

Burning Man is best known as a hedonistic week-long art festival 110 miles north of Reno on a dry lake called the playa. But almost imperceptibly over the last few years, it has become a place where CEOs, venture capitalists and start-uppers can network.

Burning Man founders are happy about the changes – even courting them.

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Transmedia: Why Brands Discovered Storytelling in 2012

The power of stories has become a part of our cultural dialogue. Applied across different topics from sports to business to marketing, story is the genre of choice for 2012.

In fact, Direct Marketing News forecast this to be “the year of the story,” and London-based agency BergHind Joseph identified it as a trend among the Global Fortune 500, even dubbing its 2012 Global Players study, “The Power of Storytelling.”

Why stories? It seems we’re all catching on to their effectiveness in connecting with people.

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