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Better Cybersecurity in a Global Networked Economy

Better Cybersecurity in a Global Networked Economy

Investors can apply the six principles in their investment strategy and processes to improve cybersecurity in their portfolio companies, their innovation and to better protect their intellectual property – one of the most valuable assets of any innovative company.

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Public Cloud Drives Demand for Cybersecurity Solutions

Public Cloud Drives Demand for Cybersecurity Solutions

Ongoing investment in cybersecurity solutions continues to grow. The worldwide cybersecurity market reached $9.7 billion in terms of shipments in the latest quarter — that’s up 14.2 percent from $8.5 billion in Q1 2018.

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How AI will Challenge Enterprise Cybersecurity Defenses


“AI-powered attacks will outpace human response teams and outwit current legacy-based defenses; therefore, the mutually-dependent partnership of human and AI will be the bedrock of defense strategies in the future.”

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Adopting Blockchain to Secure Cloud Services

Adopting Blockchain to Secure Cloud Services

Due to the popularity of the cloud for businesses and the fact that many are so unprepared concerning cybersecurity, some people are exploring specific ways to secure the cloud. The blockchain is one viable possibility for keeping valuable details safe from cybercriminals.

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IT Security Solutions Spending will Reach $133.8 Billion

IT Security Solutions Spending will Reach $133.8 Billion

Three industries will spend the most on security solutions in 2019 — banking, discrete manufacturing, and federal or central government — will invest more than $30 billion combined. Three other industries (process manufacturing, professional services, and telecommunications) will each see spending greater than $6 billion this year.

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How to Secure a Blockchain – Three Considerations

How to Secure a Blockchain - Three Considerations

Leaders today must challenge conventional wisdom and think differently, in order to achieve the highest possible security in the context of blockchain. Here are three key considerations, each with a series of insights based on security research and other data, to empower leaders to act on these challenges.

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Digital Trust: Big Tech Ranking on Data Protection

Digital Trust: Big Tech Ranking on Data Protection

Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Apple are all working on ways to enhance cybersecurity practices across their systems. Each is expanding its focus on data protection, but can they be trusted?

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IoT Applications Drive Demand for Security Analytics

IoT Applications Drive Demand for Security Analytics

Advanced-level data analytics, bolstered by technological advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems, permeate every major market and digital security is, fortunately, no exception.

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U.S. Data Privacy Concerns Gain Momentum

U.S. Data Privacy Concerns Gain Momentum

Seventy-five percent of U.S. broadband households want tight control over their personal data, and over half are concerned about unauthorized users gaining control of their data. Less than one-third trust their providers to adequately safeguard their data.

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The Cybersecurity Challenge from Adversarial AI

The Cybersecurity Challenge from Adversarial AI

“Adversarial AI is the malicious development and use of advanced digital technology and systems that have intellectual processes typically associated with human behavior. These include the ability to learn from past experiences, and to reason or discover meaning from complex data.”

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