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IT Security-Related Revenues will Reach $133.7 Billion

IT Security-Related Revenues will Reach $133.7 Billion

Cybersecurity solutions demand has remained strong during 2018, as more CIOs and CTOs need to ensure that their digital transformation projects have a high degree of digital trust built-in. Data privacy-related legislation has also fuelled the market for expert professional services that are skilled in IT security compliance.

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Why Every C-Suite is Focused on Cybersecurity

Why Every C-Suite is Focused on Cybersecurity

The increase in cybersecurity talk is not surprising given the fact that last year stolen data records worldwide exceeded 2 billion for the first time. Throughout 2017, the total number of enterprise records breached every day, hour, minute, and second each doubled from the year prior according to Breach Level Index (BLI).

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8 Cybersecurity Platform Vendor Selection Attributes

8 Cybersecurity Platform Vendor Selection Attributes

According to ESG research, 62% of enterprise organizations are now willing to buy a majority of security technologies from a single vendor. So, we are at the onset of the cybersecurity “platform wars” where vendors compete for bigger lucrative deals where deployment projects could span several years.

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North America SMB Cyber Security Survey Results

North America SMB Cybersecurity Survey Results

46% of survey respondents say that security incidents resulted in lost productivity, 37% say disruption of business applications or IT system availability, and 37% say disruption of a business process or processes (multiple responses were accepted).

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IoT Cybersecurity Solutions Revenue will Reach $6 Billion

IoT Cybersecurity Solutions Revenue will Reach $6 Billion

The dramatic increase in internet-connected devices has created a significant attack surface for hackers and cybercriminals. Applications for the Internet of Things (IoT) are growing. As a result, the related challenges associated with IoT data security and privacy will increase with time.

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Cybersecurity Solution Spending will Reach $134 Billion

Cybersecurity Solution Spending will Reach $134 Billion

The online security market is expanding globally, and for good reason. The dramatic increase in connected devices has created a huge attack surface for cyber criminals. Whether their motive is mischief, or theft, the impacts can be far-reaching and very costly.

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Data Security Breach: Why Insider Threats are Pervasive


Willis Towers Watson’s cyber insurance claims data show that two thirds of cyber breaches are caused or enabled by employee negligence or malfeasance, including losing laptops, the accidental disclosure of information or actions of rogue employees.

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How to Prepare for a Cybersecurity Attack


Executives tend to relegate cybersecurity to the IT department. That is a mistake, because cyber incidents affect the entire organization. We should conduct regular cybersecurity drills, as we do fire and safety drills. That’s where tabletop exercises can play a big role.

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Why CEOs Must Champion Corporate Cybersecurity


It’s time to re-examine the way we think about and what we expect from organizations impacted by cybersecurity breaches. A frank conversation on the responsibilities of company leadership with regard to cybersecurity, for both the C-Suite and the board, is long overdue.

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Cybersecurity Lessons for 2020 and Beyond

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We need to take stock and learn from recent big breaches, writes William Saito, an adviser to the Japanese government. Good cybersecurity has tremendous potential to improve society, business and services we use every day.

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