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Exploring the Data Analytics Talent and Skills Gulf

Exploring the Data Analytics Talent and Skills Gulf

The past three years have seen “massive growth — 15 times, 20 times growth” in data science-based jobs in sectors like education, marketing and manufacturing. There’s a widening gulf between the needs of organizations and the abilities of job candidates to fulfill those needs.

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Developing Digital Expertise Through Skill Grafting

Developing Digital Expertise Through Skill Grafting

Leading organizations are pursuing skill grafting, an innovative approach to building the digital and data capabilities they need to compete. Rather than searching for individuals with the required breadth of experience, skill grafting creates teams with complementary skills to cover the necessary ground.

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AI and Machine Learning Use Cases in Healthcare

AI and Machine Learning Use Cases in Healthcare

Cigna Corp. is using artificial intelligence to predict whether patients might abuse and or overdose on prescription opioids as part of the company’s commitment to reducing the substance’s use. Cigna has hired more than 1,000 data scientists, software engineers and analytics experts.

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Rise of Hybrid Marketing and Data Science Talent

hybrid digital marketing data science

The hybrid marketer is a ‘new marketer’, with communication and creative skills, but at the same time is someone who sees it as part of his role to learn any new, emerging skill that might have relevance to achieving their objectives – data analysis included.”

Source: NewsCred