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Data Protection and the Future of Financial Services

Data Protection and the Future of Financial Services

“92 percent of those surveyed agreed that companies must be proactive about data protection. The good news for banks: most consumers (42%) trust them more than any other industry, apart from hospitals.”

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Digital Trust: Big Tech Ranking on Data Protection

Digital Trust: Big Tech Ranking on Data Protection

Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Apple are all working on ways to enhance cybersecurity practices across their systems. Each is expanding its focus on data protection, but can they be trusted?

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Data-Driven Digital Marketing Attribution Trends

Data-Driven Digital Marketing Attribution Trends

Only 9.1 percent of U.S. marketers rated their company’s current understanding of data-driven attribution as excellent. Nearly 12 percent said it was very poor, while an even higher percentage (22.7 percent) said it was below average.

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U.S. Data Privacy Concerns Gain Momentum

U.S. Data Privacy Concerns Gain Momentum

Seventy-five percent of U.S. broadband households want tight control over their personal data, and over half are concerned about unauthorized users gaining control of their data. Less than one-third trust their providers to adequately safeguard their data.

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Personal Data Privacy Concerns Multiplied in 2018

Personal Data Privacy Concerns Multiplied in 2018

People are very concerned about the security of their personal data and devices — 77% of U.S. broadband households are very concerned about their online service being hacked; 75% worry about their computer being hacked; and 66% are concerned about their smart TV or streaming media player being compromised.

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IT Security-Related Revenues will Reach $133.7 Billion

IT Security-Related Revenues will Reach $133.7 Billion

Cybersecurity solutions demand has remained strong during 2018, as more CIOs and CTOs need to ensure that their digital transformation projects have a high degree of digital trust built-in. Data privacy-related legislation has also fuelled the market for expert professional services that are skilled in IT security compliance.

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How GDPR Rules Will Affect Unprepared Companies

How GDPR Rules Will Affect Unprepared Companies

Marketers have strong incentive to tighten up their data, but the law’s vagueness and uncertainty around how stringently it will be enforced have created an environment where few companies feel prepared for GDPR.

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