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Millennial Mindset – Meet Your Always-On Future Workforce

The millennial generation accepts the Internet like any other utility. And just as baby boomers don’t consider access and delivery of water and electricity as enabling resources, millennials don’t view the Internet as technology – it’s just another utility that’s always there and, like water and electricity, the modern world can’t live without.

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Why American Pay-TV Must be Transformed for Millennials

With 19% of millennials living without pay-TV and 98% of those saying they have no intention of getting it, pay-TV providers are in for a tough time convincing them otherwise.  These young viewers have grown up in the interactive world of the Internet and mobile phones.

The passive television experience is simply not interesting to them.

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Surprising Age Demographic of most BBC TV Viewers in the UK

Around half of all viewers to the two main BBC television channels are over 60 years of age, yet this age group makes up less than a quarter of the population of the United Kingdom.

The share of the public service channels has fallen from 76% of all television viewing in 2003 to 53% in 2013.

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Tablets Create Surge of Internet Usage among Seniors in the UK

The number of people aged 65 and over accessing the internet in the UK has risen by more than a quarter in the past year, driven by a three-fold increase in the use of tablets to go online, according to Ofcom.

People aged over 65 that are accessing the web reached 42% in 2013, that’s up by nine percentage points from the 33% in 2012.

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Live TV is Still Very Popular with Senior Citizens around the Globe

Most (86%) global respondents who watch TV indicate they usually watch TV programming “live”, although other popular modes of watching are catching on like streaming or downloading from a computer (27%), streaming from the internet to TV (16%), using a DVR or other recording device attached to a TV (16%), and on mobile device (11%).

The findings reflect a new poll of 15,551 adults in 20 countries conducted by Ipsos OTX.

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American Senior Citizens and their Online Media Usage Trends


Among U.S. seniors with an annual household income of $75,000 or more, 90% go online and 82% have broadband at home. For seniors earning less than $30,000 annually, 39% go online and 25% have broadband at home.

Fully 87% of seniors with a college degree go online, and 76% are broadband adopters.

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Why Online Video Viewing has Plateaued within the UK Market

Between 2013 and 2014, the number of digital video viewers in the UK will rise 5.7%, equating to 2.0 million additional people watching video over the internet at least monthly.

This year, nearly three-quarters of the internet population will do so, a share that will barely budge by 2018.

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Hispanic Americans Adopted Multi-Screen Video Services

Americans now own four digital devices on average, and they spend 60 hours a week consuming content across devices. A majority of U.S. households now own HDTVs, Internet-connected computers and smartphones.

Hispanic consumers have rapidly adopted multiple-screens into their daily video viewing routines and represent 47 million people in the U.S. market.

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How Millennials make Online Purchases via Mobile Channels

Nearly 70% of millennial social media users are at least somewhat influenced to make purchases based on their friends’ posts — but what types of products are they buying and how?

One-quarter of the millennials surveyed reported making 100% of their online purchases on their smartphones, while 16% made all of their digital purchases on a tablet.

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Young Men are the Most Active Online Audience in Mexico

For several years, young males with disposable income were the dominant demographic using the internet in Mexico, and the early adopters of new technologies and online activities — such as instant messaging, social media and eCommerce.

eMarketer predicts there will be 56.5 million internet users in Mexico this year, out of a total population of roughly 116 million.

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