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4 Proven Ways to Accelerate Your AI Adoption

4 Proven Ways to Accelerate Your AI Adoption

According to 75% of surveyed executives, AI and analytics will help them to achieve stronger data-driven decisions, access deeper insights and move them into new businesses. Almost 85 percent say AI could enable them to gain a competitive advantage.

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How Design Thinking Enables Digital Transformation

How Design Thinking Enables Digital Transformation

Modern IT functions follow design-thinking practices, by which they develop an in-depth understanding of users’ needs as the basis for new products and features. Such practices should interest the CEO: McKinsey research shows that they’re correlated with strong financial performance.

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Digital Transformation: How to Unlock the Potential

Digital Transformation: How to Unlock the Potential

New technologies are rapidly transforming all aspects of our society, sectors and markets. We are being taught to plan for the unexpected, as disruption becomes the new norm. The life expectancy of a Fortune 500 firm has fallen from 75 years in the early 20th century to only 15 today.

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Why Purpose and Creativity are Energy for Action

Why Purpose and Creativity are Energy for Action

“Bringing purpose and creativity together helps provide the intrinsic motivation for undertaking creativity, what has been called the “energy for action”, and enables creativity to be sustained.”

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How Enterprise Employees Create Digital Business Ideas

How Enterprise Employees Create Digital Business Ideas

“The blurring of lines between IT and business groups reflects the fact that coding and the ability to analyze data are now central to product development. Tech teams at large corporations have developed new tools for employees and customers in the past few years.”

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Agility and Digital Practices Transform the Boardroom

Agility and Digital Practices Transform the Boardroom

Creating an Agile Board is a journey, not a playbook. It takes experimentation, learning and practice. If businesses are to successfully navigate the waters of disruption, agility needs to be practiced and demonstrated from the very top.

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Future of Work: Open Innovation and Flexible Talent

Future of Work: Open Innovation and Flexible Talent

“58% of respondents say they have no capability to use open innovation and crowdsourced ideas, and only 9% agree strongly that they can do this. Organizations need to do more to take advantage of the ideas and skills from the wider market – not just from their traditional employee base.”

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The New Mantra of Systems Design Thinking

The New Mantra of Systems Design Thinking

At the WEF Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, interdisciplinary teams of experts and government representatives are applying a new strategy. They’re using a faster-paced, iterative and experimental approach to exploring regulations for new-edge technologies such as blockchain, drones and personalized medicine.

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Design Thinking Innovation Empowers Digital Revolution

Design Thinking Innovation Empowers Digital Revolution

Some companies, like IBM in our study, have realized that it is part of their job to support the discovery process at their clients in order to create a market for novel IoT and AI-based products they offer. This is different from selling a finished product – it is more akin to sharing a vision, backed up by plenty of examples.

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Digital Business Talent will Fuel the Global Economy


“The 20th century economy was about resources under our feet while the 21st century economy is about the resources between our ears. In this context, human capital has emerged as a country’s most valuable economic asset. Indeed, the linkages between education, economic growth and prosperity are significant.”

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