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Personal Computer Market Recovery Predicted in 2019

Personal Computer Market Recovery Predicted in 2019

The worldwide PC market will likely experience a slight recovery in 2019, with shipments of desktops, notebooks and two-in-ones set for 0.3 percent growth — that’s after seven years of ongoing declines.

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Why Mobile is the Default Device for Internet Access in 2017

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According to eMarketer’s latest estimates, there will be just 17.9 million desktop or laptop-only internet users in the U.S. this year — that’s down from 20.3 million in 2016. And the number is expected to edge lower in the future.

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Bleak Global PC Shipments Outlook is Unchanged for 2016

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Worldwide PC shipments will fall -10.0% in the fourth quarter of 2015, with year-over-year results down by -10.3%, according to IDC . Short-term headwinds like the strong dollar, depressed commodity prices, and existing inventory have lowered the outlook for early 2016.

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PC Market within Africa Declines Significantly in 2015

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The African PC market sank to new lows in the second quarter of the year amid a slowdown in GDP growth, increasing unemployment, and the strengthening of the dollar against many of the continent’s currencies. The first-quarter shipments decline of 11.8% was topped by a 26.7% downturn Q2 2015, the largest slump the market has ever suffered.

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Why PC Market Growth is Now Expected to Resume in 2017

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Although IDC had expected the second quarter of 2015 to be a transition period, final results nonetheless shrank even more than expected due to the ongoing large inventory of notebook PCs from prior quarters and severe constraints posed by the decline of major currencies relative to the U.S. Dollar.

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Global PC Revenue Declines by 3% to $38.4 Billion in Q1 2015

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PC unit shipments were up 1% to 53.6 million in the first quarter, and up by 3% to 227.8 million for the year. However, revenue performance was worse – results for the quarter were down by 3% to $38.4 billion. The key trend; lower-cost PCs and chromebooks continue to gain market share.

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UK Internet Users are Spending more Time on Mobile Devices

UK Mobile Internet Users

UK adults now spend more time with their mobile devices than their PCs — particularly for internet usage. According to comScore, smartphones (41%) and media tablets (15%) combined accounted for 56% of internet time among users at home and work locations.

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