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Digital Innovation Factory Model Gains Momentum

Digital Innovation Factory Model Gains Momentum

“IDC predicts that by 2025, over two-thirds of the G2000 will have become high-performance, large scale producers of software-based digital innovation.  Most of this production of digital innovation will be focused on creating new value for customers, though some may augment internal digital workstreams.”

via IDC

Why Business Leaders Drive IT Application Transformation

Why Business Leaders Drive IT Application Transformation

Application transformation initiatives by enterprises witnessed a steep growth rate of 64% last year, as enterprises seek to achieve competitive advantage by transforming their core applications. Unfortunately, only 13% of all transformation efforts delivered the intended consequences.

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Explore the Workplace Learning Report from LinkedIn

Explore the Workplace Learning Report from LinkedIn

Want to increase learner engagement in 2020? Spend more time communicating with executives, and get them to champion employee learning. According to the survey results, L&D pros only spend 9% of their time championing learning programs to executives.

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Next-Gen App Platforms Embrace Digital Innovation

Next-Gen App Platforms Embrace Digital Innovation

Cloud-based application platforms are becoming the pacemakers in the software industry. Pure cloud platform providers such as Salesforce, Workday, and ServiceNow have been getting a lot of attention, and this will continue and even intensify.”

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Hybrid IT Nirvana: Digital Growth + Digital Trust

Hybrid IT Nirvana: Digital Growth + Digital Trust

Leveraging the inherent benefits of cloud service offerings, organizations are now focused on the potential of utilizing IT infrastructure for innovation, process improvement, streamlined operations, entering new markets, and the creation of a preemptive response to potential disruption by new tech start-ups.

via Business Technology Roundtable

Mainframe Innovation Supports AI, Blockchain and More

Mainframe Innovation Supports AI, Blockchain and More

Mainframe modernization is giving enterprises not only the ability to continue to run their legacy applications, but also allows them to embrace new technologies such as containerized microservices, blockchain and mobile apps.

via Ensono and Wipro

Global IT Services Market Gains New Hot Spots

Global IT Services Market Gains New Hot SpotsThe global IT services market sustained 6 to 8% revenue growth in 2018, according to the latest study. New center setups witnessed a significant increase at 12.5%, driven by a focus on digital and R&D or IT engineering services. Headcount growth was 6-8%.

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IT Cloud: It’s a Methodology, not a Remote Destination

IT Cloud: It's a Methodology, not a Remote Destination

“The growing demand for more flexible ways to consume on-premises IT is being driven partly by the widespread popularity of the public cloud as an elastic and often more cost-effective way of delivering and accessing IT resources.”

via IT Connection

Developers Gain Influence Over IT Investment Decisions

Developers Gain Influence Over IT Investment Decisions

IT decision-makers and Line of Business executives found that developers have significant autonomy with tools and technologies selection. In addition, developers exercise influence over enterprise purchasing decisions and are key stakeholders for cloud and digital transformation projects.

via IDC

The Global Software Developer Community of 24 Million

The Global Software Developer Community of 24 Million

The current worldwide population of professional developers is projected to grow from 23.9 million today to 28.7 million in 2024. This study shows strong growth in the Asia Pacific and Latin America regions.

via Evans Data