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How Digital Marketers Adapt to the Programmatic Era

Digital marketers have long wanted the ability to target consumers with more personalized creative. Techniques such as dynamic creative optimization help pave the way toward future audience-driven creative processes.

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Digital Retail Marketing Upside to Reach $199.4 Billion in 2015

Digital Retail Marketing

Only the most conservative laggard marketers have yet to embrace digital trends. Global brand and retail spend on digital marketing activities will reach nearly $200 billion in 2015, that’s up by 15 percent on 2014 levels, according to Juniper Research.

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How Mobile Search Produces Results in the Canadian Market

Mobile Search

Digital advertising accounts for more than one-third of total ad spending in Canada, at CA$4.58 billion ($4.15 billion) annually. But despite spending all this cash, marketers vary a great deal in how they rate the effectiveness of key digital ad formats and channels.

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Google Mobile Requirement for Websites Impact Search Results

Google Mobile Search

A new study found that nearly half of Fortune 500 websites were not mobile-friendly according to Google’s standards. Their new Search algorithm will likely force Fortune 500 sites to finally get on the mobile optimization train.

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Exploring the Internet Commerce Characteristics within Germany

Digital Commerce

Digital media channels are now a feature of everyday life for most people in Germany. Internet penetration among those ages 10 to 39 was about 95% — and about 90% among those ages 40 to 49.

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Marketers Struggle to Follow the Savvy Buyer’s Journey

Multichannel Journey

Online research has become a key part of the savvy buyer’s journey, and the same phenomenon has now carried over to mobile devices. Customers who begin the research process in one place may use several channels before finally selecting a product and making a purchase.

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Why Marketers Typically Don’t See the Whole Buyer’s Journey

Fewer than one-quarter of marketers said they had integrated touch-points across different channels based on customers — up only 2 percentage points from 2011, despite the emphasis on streamlining the customer experience over the past four years.

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