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Why B2B Influencer Marketing is So Effective for Tech Vendors

B2B IT Influencer Marketing

Business-to-business decision-makers are clear on who they trust, and who influences them, when thinking about what to buy for their firms. Word-of-mouth is a key driver, with business people looking to friends in the industry and other third-party experts ahead of traditional or digital marketing resources.

Source: eMarketer

Commercial Storytelling Strategy is About Ideas, Not Data Metrics

Metrics Destroy Storytelling

Stories can create an emotional connection between readers and brands and promote loyalty among your audience. Instead of blindly following the numbers, etch your brand’s story through content marketing using these three tips.

via Forbes

U.S. Retailer Online Marketing Channel Performance in 2015

E-Commerce Update

In the first half of 2015, U.S. eCommerce revenue grew by 10.8% compared to the same time period in 2014. Moreover, eCommerce transactions grew by 11.6% year over year — the mobile channel continues to gain share (now at 27.5% of the total).

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Ad-Blocking: the Compelling Content Marketing Justification

Advertising Blocking software

Thanks to ad-blocking, many of the web’s most informed users have a very different internet experience than the ones marketers and publishers have built: no display or pre-roll video ads, no re-targeted ads and no native ad content.

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Why Most Content Marketing Doesn’t Advance B2B Sales

B2B Content Marketing

According to a recent survey, just 45.6% of B2B sales and content management professionals worldwide said their content marketing effort reflected their brands ‘very’ well. A nearly identical 43.4% said it did this just ‘somewhat’ well.

via eMarketer

Why B2B Digital Marketers Value the Online Sales Channel

B2B Digital Marketing

Fifty percent of B2B companies currently selling online expect that half or more of their total customer base will be buying online from them within three years. B2B companies are already seeing average annual online sales growth of 19%, according to a Forrester.

via Forrester

How China is Leading the Digital News Media Growth Trend

Chinese Media is global

While many major western media face budget cuts, Chinese media are busily expanding offices and recruiting staff: Xinhua News Agency currently has over 180 news bureaus globally, publishing news text, photographs, audio and video programs around the clock in eight languages.

via World Economic Forum


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