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Digital Media Year-Over-Year Growth Reaches $1 Billion

digital media marketing trends

With marketer demand for digital media exploding, a new Standard Media Index analysis has pinpoint with a high level of accuracy just how much the shift to new media has cost the traditional channels. The overall market is up $1 billion YoY (+1%), representing digital’s organic growth.

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Why Digital, Mobile and Social Marketing is Still Challenging

Digital, Mobile and Social Marketing

There’s no doubt that advertisers are funneling money into digital, mobile and social (DMS) campaigns. However, recent research suggests that more than 70% of marketers are still struggling to deliver an audience across these online channels.

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More Marketers Explore the ‘Mobile Moments’ Phenomena

Mobile channel marketing

Mobile has fundamentally transformed behavior and expectations. We don’t “go online” anymore — we live online. We act on our needs in micro-moments. This shift in behavior affects mobile marketing strategies, and how organizations think about their marketing investment.

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Savvy Marketers in France Continue Shift to Digital Media

Digital Advertising in France

The economy in France may be relatively flat, but digital media adoption is thriving. As an example, according to recent research, digital ad spending in France reached €1.49 billion ($1.98 billion) net in the first half of this year — that’s a gain of 3.5% compared with H1 2014.

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Retailer eCommerce Combines with In-Store Innovations

Online In-Store Retail

Retail demand for buying online, picking up in-store is growing — and recent research suggests consumers are drawn to this purchasing option in order to save more or get their hands on purchases earlier.

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Why Multi-Channel Marketing is a Huge Competitive Advantage

Multichannel Marketing

Marketers that use a mobile channel now have an advantage. When asked about the biggest challenges to multi-channel marketing, nearly a quarter of survey respondents said they lacked the time and resources to develop and execute multi-channel campaigns.

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Retail eCommerce Sales will Reach $23.33 Billion in Spain

Digital Buyers in Spain

eMarketer estimates that the digital buyer population in Spain will rise 7.9% in 2015 to reach 17.5 million, representing 60.0% of internet users. By 2019, 67.3% of internet users in Spain will be digital buyers, or 20.9 million people.

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