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Why Argentina is an Important Digital Market in Latin America

Despite a seemingly endless string of news reports about foreign companies reducing operations in Argentina, the country remains relevant in Latin America. eMarketer estimates there are 27.1 internet users in Argentina – the total will rise to 29.0 million in 2015, or 66.8% of the country’s population.

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How Mobile Search is Driving Traffic from Smartphones

Mobile increased its share of paid search clicks by 6 percentage points in North America — from one-third to nearly 40 percent. The gain was due to smartphones, which accounted for more than one-fifth of clicks in Q4 2014, up from 16% during the same period the year prior.

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How Online Usage Trends Impact Retail eCommerce Revenues

Though mobile shoppers accounted for 75.9% of all U.S. digital shoppers in 2014, and mobile buyers for 63.7% of digital buyers, nearly 56% of traffic to retail sites came from non-mobile sources, as did three-quarters of revenues.

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More B2B Marketers Plan to Spend Big on Mobile in 2015

B2B Content

Among B2B marketing executives worldwide that responded to a survey, just one-third used mobile to distribute their content. However, 65% of B2B content marketers worldwide said they planned to increase spending on mobile applications in 2015.

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Native Advertising Forecast to Reach $10.7 Billion in America

Native Advertising

By now, it’s become obvious that native advertising will continue on a strong growth trajectory over the coming years. For example, estimates by BI Intelligence forecast that U.S. native ad spending would rise by 35.4% in 2015, to $10.7 billion.

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How Media Tablet Users in China Consume Digital Media

Tablet Users in China

eMarketer estimates there were 281.2 million people in China using media tablets regularly, and they’re mostly male, young and highly engaged. Moreover, tablet users in China have a similar usage pattern to those in markets like the U.S. and Europe.

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Transmedia: Video Storytelling is Still Missing Real Innovation

Welcome to the Future of Storytelling | Re/code

As consumers have shifted their viewing to interactive devices, creators are free of many of the limitations of broadcast television, but few have taken advantage of this fact. Why not embrace interactivity and innovate on formats that television simply cannot accommodate?

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