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More Upside Opportunities for Creative Interactive Video in 2014

Interactive video saw tremendous success in North America last year, thanks to its completely immersive brand experience, and this growth is expected to continue in 2014, according to recent research by Sizmek.

Advertisers using interactive video have learned from the past, combining the best practices of both rich media and video ads.

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Want to Reach U.S. Millennials? – They typically Ignore Advertising

When a January 2014 market study asked U.S. millennial smartphone users about the effectiveness of digital vs. traditional advertising, 36% said that digital ads were more effective.

However, the majority of male and female millennials ignore banner ads, and around two in five males and half of females didn’t pay attention to social media or search engine ads.

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British Embrace Mobile Internet and Savvy Marketers Followed

The mobile marketing channel is gaining momentum in the UK. Why now? Over one in four British consumers owns a media tablet, as advertisers spent a record £6.3 billion in 2013 to reach people via the mobile internet, according to a market study for the IAB.

Over one third (36%) of people accessing the internet are now doing so via their personal tablets, as tablet ownership grew 63% year-on-year.

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More Multi-channel Marketing Adoption Among UK Retailers

Retailers in the UK must think multi-channel when it comes to selling their wares. And the reality is, many of them already are. According to a recent report, a higher percentage of UK retailers used more sales channels in 2013 than they did in 2011.

In particular, 68% of survey respondents said they had a mobile presence in 2013, up from just 37% in 2011.

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How Consumer Electronics are Enabling Online Retail Growth

eMarketer expects total U.S. retail sales to reach $4.732 trillion this year — with eCommerce sales reaching a greater-than-ever share of the total. And, as it reaches levels of mature, sustained growth, it’s having an effect on patterns across category sales.

Digital spending on media — such as books, music and video — will continue to increase at the fastest rate.

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Why Digital Marketing will Lead the Cloud Innovation Trend

Saugatuck noticed several developments that attest to the rapidly-growing influence of Marketing as a locus and shaper of Cloud Business and the growing shift toward “digital business” strategies.

Digital Marketing will lead the transformative change to business that the Cloud has been promising for years, and drive widespread advancements in corporate IT capabilities.

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American Senior Citizens and their Online Media Usage Trends


Among U.S. seniors with an annual household income of $75,000 or more, 90% go online and 82% have broadband at home. For seniors earning less than $30,000 annually, 39% go online and 25% have broadband at home.

Fully 87% of seniors with a college degree go online, and 76% are broadband adopters.

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Worldwide Digital Ad Spending will Reach $137.53B in 2014


Spending on advertising served to internet-connected devices — including desktop and laptop computers, mobile phones and tablets — will reach $137.53 billion this year, according to eMarketer.

Digital spend will be up 14.8% over 2013 levels, making up over one-quarter of all paid media spend. That’s up from about one-fifth in 2012.

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Discover the Key to Superior Multimedia Brand Storytelling


One third of Millennials now watch absolutely no broadcast TV. This is causing a lot of brands to panic. But not all of them. For some, it’s spurring the beginning of a renaissance in brand storytelling through multimedia.

These brands are breaking out of the confines of the 30-second TV ad spot to experiment with in-depth narratives that go far beyond simple blog posts.

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Why B2B Marketers will Adopt a Mobile-First Marketing Strategy


As mobility permeates all facets of the workplace, this paradigm is rapidly shifting, affecting the business-to-business (B2B) path to purchase and, in turn, altering the budgets, strategies and tactics of B2B marketers.

While 91% of connected employees worldwide used a computer at their work desk, 64% also used a smartphone there.

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