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Follow the Money: Ranking the Top Podcasts

Follow the Money: Ranking the Top Podcasts

In 2015, advertising revenue in the podcast industry was $69 million. It’s expected to reach over $1 billion by 2021, and to grow. The podcast boom is powered by younger generations. Millennial and Gen Z represent a sizable portion of the total podcast audience globally.

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Mobile Content Payment Creates New Revenue Source

Mobile Content Payment Creates New Revenue Source

Total spend over direct carrier billing will reach $100 billion for the first time by 2025 — that’s rising from $37 billion in 2020. The increasing shift to subscription-based models for digital services, such as games, video streaming and music, will be key to realizing a growth rate of 172 percent over the next 5 years.

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Virtual Events: An Evolution of Marketing and Selling


The sudden shift to virtual events in the first half of 2020 produced mixed results in terms of attendance. While just over half of the events lost the audience in the transition, 46 percent gained attendees as a result. Removing travel requirements and audience familiarity with video presentations worked together to keep event attendance largely intact.

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5 Trends: Why Digital Advertising Disruption is Imminent

5 Trends: Why Digital Advertising Disruption is Imminent

This report reveals five technologies that will have the greatest impact on marketers’ ability to respond and adapt to emerging trends. These include advanced supply-side bidding, ad blocking, identity resolution, brand safety, and ad verification and viewability.

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Evolving Role of Digital Media on New Product Launches

Evolving Role of Digital Media on New Product Launches

On average, brands realize 47% of their marketing efforts after one year. With global advertising spending estimated to be back to growth in 2021 (12.9% growth), you should not be cutting your advertising efforts, especially not for new products.

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How to Engage Your Virtual Conference Participants

How to Engage Your Virtual Conference Participants

Conferencing applications are now the norm at home and work. Over 99% of respondents including both organizers and attendees report using conferencing applications for home use. They use an average of 4.8 different applications “often”.

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New 5G Edge Applications in Media and Entertainment

New 5G Edge Applications in Media and Entertainment

While 2019 has seen the first deployments of 5G in the consumer domain, 2020 will be the year of large scale commercial 5G rollouts across the globe. As a result of this network investment, 5G generated revenues for cloud-based entertainment services are forecast to rise rapidly.

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OTT: The Big Shift in Global Digital Advertising Trends

OTT: The Big Shift in Global Digital Advertising Trends

Marketers are shifting investment strategies. Global digital advertising impressions on mobile (+32%) and over-the-top (+182%) devices increased significantly in first-quarter 2020 versus first-quarter 2019 and computer impressions saw a -9% decrease.

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Corporate Social Media: Why It’s Still Not Valued by CEOs

Corporate Social Media: Why It's Still Not Valued by CEOs

Only 24% of U.S. online adults agree it’s cool to be associated with a company on social media. And, 68% don’t think companies share interesting content. In 2020, 32% of CMOs are still unable to show business impact; only 30% can prove the impact quantitatively.

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How Cloud Providers Enable OTT Media Streaming

How Cloud Providers Enable OTT Media Streaming

Over-the-top (OTT) streaming – or, simply, delivering media content directly over the internet – has redefined the media content consumption landscape. In 2019, the number of active global monthly OTT video subscribers surpassed 750 million, accounting for more than 30 percent of digital video viewers globally.

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