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Social Network Usage will Surge in Southeast Asia

global social network market research

Southeast Asia has some of the highest penetration of social network usage among internet users of anywhere in the world, according to eMarketer’s first-ever forecast for the region, which includes Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Source: eMarketer

Big Data Analytics in Demand as a Key Marketing Skill for 2016

big data analytics marketing skills research

Traditional means of storytelling and getting customer engagement are giving way to highly innovative approaches. Marketers will have to be more tech-savvy than ever to grab and keep attention. Big data analytics will be an essential marketing skill in 2016.

Source: eMarketer

Content Marketing will Further Disrupt Advertising in 2016

digital content marketing disruption

Social media users say sponsored online messages are equally — if not more — effective as other types of marketing tactics. In 2016, as online advertising effectiveness continues to decline, will more marketers abandon their legacy media-buyer practices? 

Source: eMarketer

Progressive Marketing Demand Drives Quest for Digital Talent


skilled digital marketing talent demand

“CMOs said that their greatest struggles are with organizational silos and ownership issues, the lack of technology and data-savvy talent, and the impact of scaling up their digital efforts.” Many respondents reported difficulty recruiting and retaining digital marketers with the required skills.

Source: BCG

Online Digital Content Market Share Reached 40%+ in 2015

digital content market research

IDATE estimates the global content industries market reached 145.5 billion EUR in 2014. On a global scale, 41.2% of revenues came from dematerialized digital channels — nearly twice the results of 2011.

Source: IDATE

Western Europe Digital Ad Spend will Reach $35.25 Billion

European digital marketing market research

Digital advertising spending in Western Europe will grow at three times the rate of total ad expenditures during 2015-2019 forecast period. Overall, spending on digital platforms in the region will increase 9.1% in 2015 to reach $35.25 billion, and pass $45 billion within four years.

Source: eMarketer

How Social Commerce Gains Momentum via Mobile Channel

mobile social commerce market research

Buy buttons have been gaining prominence throughout 2015. But despite all the major social networks testing or implementing them in some form, fewer than half of US retailers were using them as of August 2015.

Source: eMarketer


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