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Legacy Culture: Why Managers Resist Digital Marketing

Legacy Culture: Why Managers Resist Digital Marketing

“Despite notable successes, digital marketing has often stalled in a trial phase for years in many companies. Why is that? We find that the managers responsible often blame it on culture and legacy behavioral patterns.”

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How Digital Transformation Impacts IT Outsourcing

How Digital Transformation Impacts IT Outsourcing

The global sourcing industry posted a decline in transactions. Large financial services firms, especially banks, are increasingly looking to expand their in-house IT teams and insource parts of their outsourced IT services portfolios.

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Talent Management and Digital Transformation Leaders

Talent Management and Digital Transformation Leaders

“The CHRO brings experience in traditional talent management, including acquisition, training, retention and compliance, while the CIO brings an in-depth understanding of enabling technology and digital transformation opportunities.”

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Digital Reinvention in a Global Networked Economy

Digital Reinvention in a Global Networked Economy

“Mainstream economics has largely failed to keep up with the rapid pace of digital transformation, and it is struggling to find practical ways to address the growing power of dominant tech companies. If the discipline wants to remain relevant, then it must rethink some of its basic assumptions.”

via World Economic Forum

Why No Single Business Leader ‘Owns’ All Tech Spending

Why No Single Business Leader 'Owns' All Tech Spending

“Almost two-thirds (63%) of organizations now allow technology to be managed outside the IT department, a shift that brings with it significant business advantages and increased privacy and security risks, reveals the 2019 Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey.”

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Why Mergers and Acquisitions are Declining in 2019

Why Mergers and Acquisitions are Declining in 2019

Greater market volatility, geopolitical tensions between the U.S. and China, Brexit anxiety in Europe, and economic headwinds precipitated a slowdown in M&A activity. Only 3,558 transactions worth $801.5B were registered in 1Q19, a 15% decrease compared to 1Q18 (5,085 deals worth $943.5B).

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Future of Work: Why Mastering Digital Skills Matter

Future of Work: Why Mastering Digital Skills Matter

“For decades, progressive business thinkers have heralded the arrival of the disruptive ‘future of work’. And now, it seems to have finally arrived. Generational and societal shifts have forced organizations to reimagine roles, benefits, and the very definition of a career.”

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