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CEOs Take a Scenario-Based Approach to Plan Ahead

CEOs Take a Scenario-Based Approach to Plan Ahead

The pandemic will leave permanent marks and disrupt many industries. Digital technologies are expected see a major acceleration in adoption, especially those which enable business activity with less human contact, including e-commerce, virtual networking and robotization.

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Digital Darwinism: How the Trailblazers Gain Momentum


When we look back throughout history, market disruptions to the status quo creates challenges for the many unprepared executives and opportunities for the few leaders that are able to envision a new environment that’s free from the limitations of the past.

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Disruption 2020: The Commercial Real Estate Recession


“After workers retreated to their homes, companies began desperately trying to shed office space. Getting rid of empty desks seems like an easy way to save cash as the economy collapses. Office real estate is already plunging in value as employers try to renegotiate their rent contracts.”

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How to Explore Your Digital Business Building Upside

How to Explore Your Digital Business Building Upside

“All of these business builders recognize the world is changing and the rules are being rewritten. This is one of the most important elements of business building. Disrupters rethink assumptions to identify creative opportunities. Nondisruptors become, in effect, defenders of the old status quo.”

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Equipment as a Service: Next Decade for IoT Innovation

Equipment as a Service: Next Decade for IoT Innovation

What will we be looking at 10 years from now, at the end of the next decade? “We believe that we are at the cusp of a new business model innovation that would disrupt enterprise equipment ownership: equipment as a service – where companies pay for outcomes, not equipment.”

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Ongoing Challenges for Digital Transformation in Banking

The Ongoing Challenges for Digital Transformation in Banking

“As we begin a new decade, the banking industry is trying to adjust business models to reflect a more digital ecosystem. Unfortunately, this year’s Retail Banking Trends and Priorities research findings don’t reflect the urgency for change needed in the banking ecosystem.”

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Digital Banking: The Ongoing Disruption in 2020

Digital Banking: The Ongoing Disruption in 2020

In financial services, digital disruptors are coming, impacting traditional banks and credit unions as well as consumers. With the promise of personalized solutions and improved experiences delivered on digital channels, the potential for major changes to the banking ecosystem appears imminent.

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How Business Technology Purchasing Evolved in 2019


At Cisco’s Partner Summit in 2019, CEO Chuck Robbins said something that while apparent, does showcase the reality that the nature of the IT buyer is changing. “Never has technology been more important to customers and never have they cared less about the details of that technology.” – Chuck Robbins

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How Digital Disruption Impacts the Global Economy

How Digital Disruption Impacts the Global Economy

Today, each new technology scales with bewildering speed. It is no longer an adoption curve; it’s an adoption rocket. With AI, genetic engineering and robotics on the anvil, this pace is unlikely to let up anytime soon. It’s disrupting political, economic and social systems as well as cultural norms and social roles.

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New Innovation and Growth for Incumbent Organizations

New Innovation and Growth for Incumbent Organizations

“The time has come to fully embrace the idea that you can create without destroying. Nondisruptive creation breaks the existing frame on innovation and growth and allows for a much broader view of how they are generated. It expands the conversation about where real opportunities reside.”

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