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Five Disruptive Technologies Driving the Circular Economy

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As we enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution, new technologies carry immense opportunities to transform the way we do business. These technologies are driving new ways of creating value in a circular economy, for both emerging and established businesses alike.

Source: World Economic Forum

Exploring Blockchain Apps within Creative Industries

Blockchain has the potential to become a powerful disruptive force. A survey of 800 executives, featured in the same book, suggests 58% believe that up to 10% of global GDP will be stored using blockchain technology.

Source: World Economic Forum

Why Banks Must Adopt a Cloud-First Disruptor Mindset

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The established players in banking are constantly facing changes and new competition. These challenges stem primarily from on-the-cloud start-ups and agile FinTechs, a group of businesses that are 4,000-strong worldwide and on the receiving end of $19 billion in venture capital funding.

Source: IBM

Why Chief Marketing Officers are Vulnerable to Disruption

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“It does feel like a bit of a dramatic turn in the narrative, from the CMO as the prime instigator and beneficiary of an enviable, extended marketing-led renaissance where budgets flow like water and mandates creep like kudzu; to the CMO as the object of some newfound vulnerability.”

Source: Gartner

The Disruptive Impact of Emerging Technologies

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“The potential of emerging technologies to disrupt established business models is large and growing. It is tempting to think of technological disruption as involving dramatic moments of transformation, but in many areas disruption due to emerging technologies is already quietly under way, the result of gradual evolution rather than radical change.”

Source: World Economic Forum

IoT Deals Dominate the Global Technology M&A Trends

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If anyone still needs convincing about the underlying strength of global technology M&A and the power of digital disruption, look no further than 3Q15. Despite a 7% drop in the NASDAQ, the period still had the ninth-highest quarterly value of $65.4 billion in 20 years.

Source: EY

How Crowdfunding will Ignite Tech Start-Up Growth in 2016

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Are you ready for the next wave of technology innovations to create opportunities in the new year, or are you concerned about the potential for a digital disruption to upset your current business model? Who knows what the future will bring? Industry analysts, that’s who.

Source: Digital Lifescapes