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eBook Readership is on the Rise as Tablets Gain in Popularity

Preference for dedicated eReaders over tablets seems to be eroding among eBook readers. A survey found that those who had read an ebook on an eReader jumped from 41% to 57% between December 2011 and January 2014.

But the number of respondents who used a tablet had climbed even more dramatically, going from 23% to 55% over the same time period.

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Lessons Learned from the Top 10 E-book Bestsellers List

There’s a list that tracks e-book sales ranking and price data across six major retailers, with the goal of providing the most accurate picture of which e-books are most often purchased and at what price point.

The average price of a best-selling e-book dipped down to $7.99 this week, after successive increases that saw it get closer to $9.00 than $8.00 for the first time in months.

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Mobile Delivered Digital Content will Reach $65 Billion by 2016

Digital Lifescapes: Mobile Delivered Digital Content will Reach  Billion

The forward-looking outlook for the savvy leaders in the progressive digital media industry is very bright.

Annual revenue generated from digital content delivered to mobile phones and media tablets is expected to increase by nearly $25 billion over the next three years, reaching $65 billion by 2016, according to Juniper Research.

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American Publishers Report 22 Percent of Revenue from eBooks

For calendar year 2012, U.S. trade publishers’ net revenue grew by 6.2% as compared to calendar year 2011.

Trade publishers reporting eBooks to the Association of American Publishers noted the format represented 3.17% of net revenue in 2009, 16.98% 2011 and 22.55% in 2012.

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Transmedia: Awaiting the Return of the Illustrated Book

E-readers allow you to read text, look at pictures, and watch videos on the same device.

Already, transmedia books such as 2012’s “The Silent History” have appeared that combine all three elements into the reading experience.

E-readers will also relieve the strain of printing costs, one of the factors that have led publishing houses to discourage illustrations.

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SmartBook: the Adaptive eBook that Adjusts to Students

As publishing giants and tech companies attempt to remake the humble textbook in their own image, McGraw-Hill Education offered up its latest take on the learning platform of the future.

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, they unveiled the SmartBook, an adaptive ebook that adjusts the reading experience to each student’s pace and mastery level.

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Transmedia: NYT to Publish Expanded Articles as eBooks

The New York Times has announced that it will be partnering with digital publishing services Byliner and Vook to release a combination of original work and existing stories as ebooks.

Instead of commissioning original reporting, it will select articles from its archives and assemble them into a narrative arc.

25 of the resulting ebooks — known as “TimesFiles” — will be released for $1.99 and up.

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