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Hybrid Learning: Why Remote Teaching Will Evolve

Hybrid Learning: Why Remote Teaching Will Evolve

“Many school systems are looking at hybrid solutions for learning this year, where part of the week or school day is completed online while part is completed in school. For this to work, schools’ online learning systems need to allow for seamless integration of in-person schooling, to make sure that students aren’t falling behind when online.”

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Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Economic Impact

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Economic Impact

Artificial intelligence and robotics are growing fast. Globally there are now 113 installed industrial robots per 10,000 employees in the manufacturing sector — that’s an increase from 74 just four years ago. South Korea leads, with 855 installed robots per 10,000 employees.

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The World’s Most Innovative Countries, 2020

As the world continues to face a prolonged, massive health crisis, and prepares for the accompanying economic and social shocks, the question of “Who Will Finance Innovation?”, the theme of this year’s Global Innovation Index (GII), is critical in solving the seemingly insurmountable problems ahead of us.

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Telepresence: Post-Pandemic Digital Lifescapes in America

Telepresence: Post-Pandemic Digital Lifescapes in America

“If white-collar workers are told the downtown office is forever optional, some will take their superstar-city jobs out of superstar cities. That much is obvious. But these shifts, even if they are initially moderate, could lead to more surprising and significant changes to America’s cultural, economic, and political future.”

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How Tech Clusters Impact Economic Development

How Tech Clusters Impact Economic Development

Tech clusters like Silicon Valley play a central role in modern innovation, business competitiveness, and economic performance. What constitutes a tech cluster, how do they function internally, and can policymakers purposefully foster them?

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Ranked: The Most Innovative Companies in the World

Ranked: The Most Innovative Companies in the World

“The structure of the top 100 companies shows that the technology fields of mobility, health and industry are currently most strongly influenced by digitization. The best 50 companies are shown for each of these technology fields.”

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Very Few Metro Areas Drive Tech Innovation in America

Very Few Metro Areas Drive Tech Innovation in America

“Based on ‘winner-take-most’ network economies, the innovation sector has generated significant technology gains and wealth but has also helped spawn a growing gap between the nation’s dynamic ‘superstar’ metropolitan areas and most everywhere else.”

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How Education Outcomes Drive Economic Performance


In measuring performance in education, societies often mistakenly focus on inputs rather than outcomes. It’s common to erroneously measure success by counting the resources devoted to it. But expenditures do not equal success. Indeed, societies would like to spend – for an equivalent outcome – as little as possible.

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India is Applying AI Technology via R&D Investment

India is Applying AI Technology via R&D Investment

India wants to become an AI powerhouse. The government announced a National Program on AI to guide research and development. They have already partnered with several leading players to implement AI projects in areas such as agriculture and health.

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How Blockchains Can Help Transform the World

How Blockchains Can Help Transform the World

Blockchain has recently made its way into the impact investment community, and a broad range of use cases are being developed to take advantage of its features, giving rise to a new category of application referred to as “impact tokens”.

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