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How Legacy Email Marketing Performs on Mobile Devices

Mobile has surpassed desktop as the device used to open the greatest percentage of email marketing messages in the U.S. marketplace. The smartphone took 48.1% of opens in Q2 2013, and the tablet took 13.8%.

However, studies confirm that engagement with email on mobile is limited. While readers clicked on 23% of emails opened on desktop during Q2 2013, only 11% did so for emails on mobile devices.

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How B2B Digital Marketers Fill the Sales Funnel

Business-to-business (B2B) marketers are enamored with social media. They tell stories of introducing new products via social, saving money when questions are answered by followers, and earning credibility when influencers tout their brand.

While search engine optimization (SEO) and email still bring plenty of prospects to the door, social media entices them to enter a dialogue, pick up some information of value and step into the sales funnel.

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How Smart Marketers are Slowly Adopting Big Data Analysis

While Big Data was once more a buzz phrase than a well-understood tool, it is now becoming integral to marketing strategy. Data analysis is used in key marketing areas, allowing marketers to better segment their target audience while crafting specific messages.

Almost 60% of survey respondents said Big Data use is related to search, email or SMS — while about half said it’s used for customer segmentation.

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