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The Impact of Tech Skills-Related Poverty in America

Impact of Tech Skills-Related Poverty in America

“Roughly three-in-ten adults with household incomes below $30,000 a year (29%) don’t own a smartphone. More than four-in-ten don’t have home broadband services (44%) or a traditional computer (46%). And a majority of lower-income Americans are not tablet owners.”

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Cyberstates: Outlook for U.S. IT Employment Growth


The outlook for future employment growth remains positive. Cyberstates projects the base of U.S. technology occupation employment will grow to 8.6 million by 2026. Retirements will put even more pressure to meet the need for tech talent, according to CompTIA.

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Employee Engagement is Critical to Business Results

Employee Engagement is Critical to Business Results

Globally, employee engagement is low, and has been low for at least the last two decades. The latest Gartner Global Talent Monitor finds that only 32% of employees globally report high levels of intent to stay and only 14% report high levels of discretionary effort day-to-day.

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American States Most Vulnerable to Job Automation

American States Most Vulnerable to Job Automation

“Study results: It determined that the 10 U.S. states where workers are most vulnerable to robot-replacement are Nevada, South Dakota, Wyoming, Louisiana, Montana, South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Texas, and Alabama.”

via World Economic Forum

How Digital Transformation Will Create Jobs

How Digital Transformation Will Create Jobs

The World Economic Forum’s ‘Future of Jobs Report 2018’ gives some cause for encouragement. The business perspective on how digital technology will affect growth and job creation is becoming more positive, the survey results show.

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Economic Growth in the Age of Digital Automation

Economic Growth in the Age of Digital Automation

Digitization has allowed for productivity and export growth in services that previously was not possible. This is the case with modern services such as finance, communication, software, legal, advertising, and business. Digital platforms and e-commerce have the potential to raise productivity, employment, and wages in the services sector.

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Four Ways to Nurture a Digital Talent Culture


The total number of investments venture capital firms have made to private companies in 2018 is on pace to set a five-year record, and venture capital funding is at nearly $443 Billion since 2014. Here’s how they attract and retain the top digital talent.

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