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Oil and Gas Industry Boosts Public Cloud SaaS Demand

Oil and Gas Industry Boosts Public Cloud SaaS Demand

Cloud computing allows oil and gas companies to scale their data management and storage, driving greater flexibility in infrastructure costs. The high computing power delivered via cloud platforms supports the adoption of other technologies such as the intelligent management of physical assets.

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Global Smart City Tech Spending to Reach $124 Billion

Global Smart City Tech Spending to Reach $124 Billion

“The top 100 cities investing in smart initiatives in 2019 represented around 29 percent of global spending, and while growth will be sustained among the top spenders in the short term, the market is quite dispersed across midsize and small cities investing in relatively small projects.”

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How Blockchain and P2P Enables Sustainable Energy

How Blockchain and P2P Enables Sustainable Energy

“Initial results of this study are suggesting blockchain can facilitate the decentralized electricity markets that create more grid flexibility – as long as we have enough decentralized computational power to support the market.”

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Artificial Intelligence Enables Clean Energy Solutions

Artificial Intelligence Enables Clean Energy Solutions

“Innovation-as-usual is no longer enough. Fortunately, artificial intelligence (AI) is emerging as a catalyst for scientific discovery, helping clean energy innovations get to market faster and disrupting existing business models.”

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Top 10 Global Cities Deploying Connected Streetlights

Top 10 Global Cities with Connected Streetlights

Miami is the world’s number 1 city when it comes to rolling out connected streetlights. The city council is committed to achieving a carbon dioxide emission reduction of 25% by 2020 (compared to 2006 levels) as indicated in the MiPlan, Miami’s Climate Action Plan.

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Why More Smart Utilities have Adopted the Internet of Things

smart meter utilities market research

The manufacture and distribution of energy is evolving, just like all the other sectors that adopt Industry 4.0 production methodologies. Across the globe more utility companies are seeking ways to reduce cost and increase efficiency in their infrastructure operations.

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How Global Smart Energy Revenue will Reach $20.9 Billion

smart energy market research

As national governments release their plans to decrease carbon dependency and adapt to the ongoing challenges of climate change, regional and local energy policies represent one of the most effective vehicles for achieving these new goals.

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How Technology Innovation is Disrupting the Energy Industry

energy industry technology innovation

Energy 2.0 is well underway. Whether it be Tesla Energy, SolarCity, Google, or another disruptive company that will soon achieve commercial viability, disruptive energy has already begun in some parts of the world.

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Power Industry Transformation and Digital Business Models

Power Industry Transformation

“New market and business models will become established as a result of this energy transformation and could quickly eclipse current company strategies. At risk for energy companies is their distribution channel to end customers, which upstarts could disintermediate, just as Amazon did to incumbent publishers and booksellers.”

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How IoT Transforms Commercial Building Management Systems

IoT Commercial Building Management

The commercial building management systems market has been the epitome of a steady market for several years. However, more than eight million building management systems will be integrated with some form of Internet of Things (IoT) platform, software application or service offering by 2020.

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