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How to Jump-Start Bold Digital Innovation in Europe

How to Ignite Bold Digital Innovation in Europe

“In 2018, overall investment into digital transformation reveals a significant gap between, on the one hand, the US ($437 billion) and China, and on the other, Europe, the Middle East and Africa ($280 billion combined). This points towards a potentially major economic gap arising.”

via World Economic Forum

China Improves Rank in Global Economic Index

China Improves Rank in Global Economic Index

In the last few decades, China has made huge progress in science and technology. This new age of innovation has seen the birth of ‘unicorn’ tech companies like media giant Tencent, the ‘Uber of China’ Didi Chuxing, and the world’s biggest drone builder, DJI.

via World Economic Forum

How the Internet will Empower New Entrepreneurs Worldwide

internet entrepreneurs

Today, the internet connects millions of entrepreneurs with billions of buyers. But the hidden stories that might be even more important in the long run are the countless micro-businesses that could survive and thrive in the technology-enabled global market.

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European Unicorns – the Billion-Dollar Valued Tech Companies

European tech Unicorns

Europe now has 40 Unicorns, compared to 30 this time last year. This is put into context against the long term average of three Unicorns per year. The average valuation of these tech companies is now $3 billion.

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U.S. Needs More Collaborative Innovation to Boost Growth

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The U.S. has undergone a profound shift in how it develops, adopts and capitalizes on innovation. Today, our highly optimized, venture-capital-driven innovation system is simply not structured to support complex, slower-growing concepts that could end up being hugely significant.

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Harnessing Digital Infrastructure for Global Trade Development

Monopolies in the telecom industry can push up the cost of internet access by stifling competition. In its funding of undersea internet backbone cable around Africa, the World Bank Group has insisted on multiple interconnections to facilitate competition.

via The Trade Post

European Venture Capital Funding Reached $8.9 Billion

Equity financing for European venture-backed companies reached €7.9 billion ($8.9 billion) last year, that’s up from €6.3 billion in 2013 – the biggest amount invested since 2001 when companies secured €10.6 billion, according to data provider Dow Jones VentureSource.

via WSJ