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Why European Digital Start-Ups need a Bigger Single Market

Innovation isn’t easy. It takes courage to experiment and advance a new idea. Europe has always excelled at this. Radio, television, and mobile communications advances all originated in Europe. But past success won’t ensure Europe’s long tradition of innovation continues. New technologies require more risk-taking and the ability to launch new products with speed and scale.

via World Economic Forum

TechUK Wants Government to Lead a New Digital Revolution

In its manifesto for growth and jobs 2015-2020, TechUK sets out what the government must do to build on the progress already achieved to secure Britain’s digital potential. This includes the appointment of dedicated digital ministers in every department, a new chief privacy officer, and a new Foreign and Commonwealth Office ‘digital trade tsar’ to be a leading voice in Europe.

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Why Tech Start-ups will Blossom in the Global Megacities

It is no longer enough for tech startups to exist in silos of isolation. Tech businesses now need the energy, talent and diversity of the world’s megacities to thrive. Even in California, home to the Silicon Valley, startups are looking for the next thing and flocking to the big cities.

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Latin American New Media Gets a Boost from Venture Capital

The growth rate of Internet access in Latin America is among the highest in the world — only Africa and the Middle East are growing more rapidly. One reason for this is the proliferation of cheap smartphones.

“Never before has it been so easy to launch a business, especially a digital-based business, and clearly digital media fit perfectly into that category.”

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Explore Hackney House Events during SXSW in Austin, Texas

The award-winning alternative London, UK creative tech trade mission is back. Hackney House Austin 2014 opens on Friday 7 March and runs all weekend through to Monday 10 March.

We are based at 721 Congress Avenue, corner of 8th Street, Austin, TX 78701.

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StartUp Britain Now Plans to Focus on Real Entrepreneurs

The UK “Centre for Entrepreneurs” think tank is to take on the running of the national enterprise campaign “StartUp Britain” when the founders step down next month.

The official handover will be on Thursday March 27, creating future initiatives for real British entrepreneurs instead of the prior focus on small business retail and PopUp Shops.

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Entrepreneur Barbie – Why Early Start-up Play is Now in Vogue

Mattel announced that an entrepreneur doll would join its “I Can Be” career line as its Career of the Year. The entrepreneur doll sports a sleek pink shift dress and carries a tiny tablet and smartphone.

With nearly 8.6 million female business owners, it’s not a stretch that the new career for women is one she forges herself.

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