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Top Talent Competitive Countries in the World

Top Talent Competitive Countries in the World

The top 10 of the GTCI 2019 includes the same countries as last year. They all have invested in creating and encouraging entrepreneurial talent. These nations are open economies with a strong emphasis on education. Innovation and talent impact are the areas where they perform particularly well.


How China Invests in Creating Technology Unicorns

How China Invests in Creating Technology Unicorns

While Silicon Valley in California still leads the way internationally, Beijing is hot on its heels. In the period that Beijing saw 29 unicorns, Silicon Valley had 57, but the Chinese cities are ramping up to compete as investors start to look beyond California.

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5 Global Hotspots for Technology Startup Innovation

5 Global Hotspots for Tech Startup Innovation

Even in a hyperconnected world, physical location still matters to entrepreneurs, investors and talent. Factors affecting a start-up’s decision on where to establish their headquarters include quality of life, cost of living, proximity to academic institutions, government support, the economy and existing ecosystems that help new businesses.

Learn about the ‘Lessons for Leadership in a Startup World‘.

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Legacy European Regulations Inhibit their Tech Economy

European digital technology

The U.S. tech companies under fire in Europe argue that the EU’s regulatory framework actually works against the creation of international digital champions by forcing them to comply with Byzantine rules and regulations across each of the 28 member states.

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Twenty-Five Interesting Start-up Companies to watch in 2015

25 startups to watch in 2015 - Agenda - The World Economic Forum

Here’s an example of the 25 startups — You love to read great professional books, but lack time? Berlin-based Blinkist developed an app that distills key insights from popular non-fiction books into fifteen-minute, made-for-mobile reads.

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How New York City Developed a Tech Innovation Ecosystem

From 2006, when the technology-led ecosystem was almost anecdotic in New York City, to now the city has become the second-largest technology-based innovation ecosystem in the United States — the ecosystem grew by 3.5 times in Venture Capital investments in tech start-up companies.

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London Still Searching for its Tech Mojo, Launches Census

A ground-breaking comprehensive census of London’s tech businesses launched today with a mission to map out the capital’s tech sector. The Great London Tech Census will bring together big data, individual interviews and an online questionnaire to create a detailed analysis of London’s tech cluster.

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