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How Reading on Digital Devices is Driving eBook Adoption

The e-Book market in the U.S. is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.28 percent during the forecast period from 2014 to 2018, thanks to the lower cost and higher convenience of e-books compared with printed books. Availability of low-priced media tablets and e-readers has made e-books more accessible.

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eBook Readership is on the Rise as Tablets Gain in Popularity

Preference for dedicated eReaders over tablets seems to be eroding among eBook readers. A survey found that those who had read an ebook on an eReader jumped from 41% to 57% between December 2011 and January 2014.

But the number of respondents who used a tablet had climbed even more dramatically, going from 23% to 55% over the same time period.

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Why More Children are Using eReaders this Holiday Season

Nearly half of American parents will be wrapping eReading devices this holiday season, according to an October 2013 study. 46% of U.S. adults with children ages 2 to 13 who read eBooks planned to purchase a device on which their children could consume such content.

And the majority of those eReaders would belong primarily to the recipient, meaning those children would have constant access to their eReading device.

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Transmedia: Awaiting the Return of the Illustrated Book

E-readers allow you to read text, look at pictures, and watch videos on the same device.

Already, transmedia books such as 2012’s “The Silent History” have appeared that combine all three elements into the reading experience.

E-readers will also relieve the strain of printing costs, one of the factors that have led publishing houses to discourage illustrations.

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Global Tablet Shipments to Reach 145 Million in 2013

Traditional PC manufacturers that missed or underestimated the growing demand for media tablets have had to consider drastic measures — as a result of their apparent lack of strategic foresight.

Whether these devices are being used for entertainment, convenience, or enhancing productivity, media tablets continue to gain mainstream adoption in the worldwide marketplace.

According to the latest market study by ABI Research, an estimated 145 million tablet devices will ship globally in 2013.

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How Media Tablets will Impact the eReader Market

Media tablet adoption is already having an effect on other mobile reading devices. Eleven million eReaders are projected to be shipped globally in 2012. That’s down from a peak volume of 15 million devices in 2011.

Moreover, the growing popularity of media tablets — along with declining U.S. baby boomer population and lack of organized digital bookstores outside of the America and Western Europe — will reduce the eReader opportunity over the next five years.

“Regardless of the tremendous historical eReader success, the market tides have already begun to turn,” says Joshua Flood, senior mobile devices analyst at ABI Research.

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Global Disruption of the Legacy Print Publishing Sector

According to the findings of several related market studies, the next big global disruption will occur in the traditional publishing sector. In the same way that the music recording industry lost control of their marketplace, the large legacy print media companies are equally vulnerable.

As an example, according to the latest market study by eMarketer, they predict that sales of ebooks and the devices on which people read them — i.e. ereaders, tablets and smartphones — are on a steady upward trajectory.

Much of the new digital publication revenue growth could come at the expense of print publications.

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