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Transforming Trade Shows: More Substance, Less Waste

Transforming Trade Shows: More Substance, Less Waste

The U.S. B2B trade show market has shifted. In 2015, it was a $13.1 billion market, while by 2019, it had reached $15.58 billion. However, one year and a pandemic later, the U.S. B2B trade show market is expected to shrink by 64.3% to $5.56 billion. That said, the shift away from wasteful hospitality events toward substantive buyer engagement is real progress.

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Virtual Events: An Evolution of Marketing and Selling


The sudden shift to virtual events in the first half of 2020 produced mixed results in terms of attendance. While just over half of the events lost the audience in the transition, 46 percent gained attendees as a result. Removing travel requirements and audience familiarity with video presentations worked together to keep event attendance largely intact.

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How to Engage Your Virtual Conference Participants

How to Engage Your Virtual Conference Participants

Conferencing applications are now the norm at home and work. Over 99% of respondents including both organizers and attendees report using conferencing applications for home use. They use an average of 4.8 different applications “often”.

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Why Video Data Analytics is Moving into the Mainstream

Why Video Data Analytics is Moving into the Mainstream

By 2024, IDC expects this ratio to be 1:10. While the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the creation of new unique data, the increased consumption of replicated data has fueled the continued growth of what IDC calls the ‘Global DataSphere’.

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Digital Growth 2020: Open Source Summit, North America

Digital Growth 2020: Open Source Summit, North America

Open Source Summit North America is a conference for software developers, architects, and other technologists to collaborate, share information, learn about the latest technologies and gain a competitive advantage by using innovative open solutions.

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Digital Reinvention: Ideas in Action

Digital Reinvention: Ideas in Action

“While I’m eagerly anticipating IBM Think 2020 to occur during May 5-6, I’ve been inspired by the thoughtful and insightful commentary that’s captured in these audio programs. I trust that you will find them to be equally rewarding.”

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Think Digital: Learn How to Thrive in Uncertain Times


Attend ‘Think Digital’ to learn how to best enable new ways of working, manage risk and optimize cost, and maintain customer satisfaction. Adapt quickly by leveraging the latest advancements in technology, then engage with the experts who are leading the way. Online Registration is Free, so register now

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Knowledge Transfer: The CIO Competitive Edge


How will savvy CIOs and their organizations prepare for the next few years? They’ll invest in attending key IT industry events, and participate in uplifting knowledge transfer activities. Join your peers at Think 2019 in San Francisco.

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Think: Digital Business Mastery in Action

Think: Digital Business Mastery in Action

At Think 2019 you will see the evolution of mankind and machine come to life. You will immerse yourself in groundbreaking technologies and see first-hand how clients are using them across all industries.

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IBM Think 2018: Live Event March 19 – 22

IBM Think 2018: Livestream March 19 - 22

“Digital Reinvention provides a pathway for CXOs and their organizations to survive and thrive in the digital revolution that’s upon us. Technical innovation is outpacing the ability of many companies to adapt.  We offer a solution to your IT Infrastructure challenges” – join the #think2018 online conference event to learn more.

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