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HPC & AI Platforms: Knowledge Transfer at Think

HPC & AI Platforms: Knowledge Transfer at Think

Senior executives have embraced the concepts of artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning and cognitive computing. Many are already applying these and other intelligent technologies to dramatically improve the productivity of their businesses, while redefining the ways they engage with their key stakeholders.

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Blockchain Leaders: Knowledge Transfer at Think

Blockchain Leaders: Knowledge Transfer at Think

Savvy chief executive officers, and their board of directors, understand the potential for business model disruption by non-traditional startup companies. Moreover, they’re aware blockchain technology offers a new paradigm for commercial transactions that can impact established markets, incumbent businesses and partner ecosystems.

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How Digital Technology is Revolutionizing B2B Events

How Design Thinking Enables Digital Transformation

85 percent of B2B marketers say events are either “critical” or “very important” for accelerating the sales pipeline and driving revenue. In total, events make up about a fifth of marketing spend at B2B companies, according to Forrester Research and Boston Consulting Group.

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Legacy Tech Media Searches for a Viable Business Model

UBM Tech Relaunches EE Times

After shuttering its print publications earlier this year, UBM Tech has unveiled the first major elements of its new community- and events-driven strategy.

The shift in content mix requires a commensurate shift in editorial focus though (away from writing actual stories). While the edit staff has remained unchanged from a personnel standpoint, it’s taking on more of a moderator role.

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