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Why B2B Marketers Need Authentic Content Creators

Why B2B Marketers Need Authentic Content Creators

Influencer marketing has gotten big enough that disclosing ties between brands and influencers is a necessity, not an option. Although compliance is growing, there are many examples where it doesn’t happen. Content marketing requires real employee talent, not hired outsiders.

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Challenge for 2015 – Finding a Content Marketing Practitioner

Each year we track the challenges marketers are having with content marketing in our research. This year, one challenge was far more pronounced than it has been — finding trained content marketing professionals.

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The Foolproof Way to Hire Real Content Marketing Talent

Hiring content marketing practitioners is becoming a priority for companies. But the pool (puddle?) of experienced content marketers might be smaller than the growing desire for the talent.

Hiring a content marketing manager requires finding candidates with applicable “proven” skills. Ask yourself — Can the candidate write? Seriously, it’s the #1 criteria and the best way to determine competency and authentic credibility.

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