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Why Fashion-First Wearable Technology will Grow

Invisible wearables will see significant adoption before the end of the decade. Within a wearables market that will be worth approximately $80 billion annually by 2020, fashion-first wearables will have a much greater appeal than tech-centric devices — as they will blend in with consumer life more effectively.

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Transmedia: Chanel’s Brand Ubiquity & Narrative Storytelling

Transmedia: Chanel Brand Ubiquity and Narrative Storytelling

Opting for a true narrative approach, INSIDE CHANEL tells the brand’s story in chronological fashion, allowing consumers to immerse themselves in the story behind the company’s growth – each chapter capturing the unique story behind the brand’s iconic items.

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Exploring the Greenwich Digital Peninsula and Ravensbourne

How do you go about building the foundation for an emerging new digital business district in an established urban area, and thereby create an influx of over 100 growing technology or creative media companies? That’s a question that I pondered as I visited the Greenwich Digital Peninsula in London, earlier this year.

Here’s how a British local government organization — Digital Enterprise Greenwich — is partnering with nearby academic institutions and various commercial business partners in a forward-looking community regeneration project.

An important part of the strategy was the relocation of the highly regarded Ravensbourne College to the peninsula.

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The Emerging Business Models of Digital London

Ian Dowson has submitted his research report to the Technology Strategy Board — adding to their understanding of how Digital Media start-ups are evolving in London, Great Britain.

The emerging business models from Digital London are certainly powerful and in light of their evolving capacity to exploit the critical ingredients of Big Data and social media, we may never see the following statement made by a Chief Executive again:

“Britain’s biggest clothing retailer said it had failed to buy enough stock in hot trends such as tribal print fabrics and coloured chinos. The Chief executive said we could have sold another 100,000 cardigans and jumpers from its core Woman collection in the fourth quarter, that was a miss.”

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New York City: How it Became a Growing Techie Magnet

Around this time last year, Rohan Deuskar was living in Philadelphia and launching Stylitics, a tech start-up. He had a small team and a great idea: He’d create a fun website where consumers could track and share their outfits.

Then he’d sell the resulting data trove to the fashion industry. What the 30-year-old lacked was the cash to rent a real office, hire full-time employees or buy a new jacket. So what did Mr. Deuskar do? He moved his entire operation to the most expensive city in the country.

New York City has emerged as the hot destination for tech start-ups, the way Paris attracted drinkers in the ’20s and Portland attracts gentleman farmers.

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