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Hollywood Studios 2013 Box Office Performance Review

Hollywood studios are reviewing their 2013 performance via the Cinema channel. For the first time ever, Warner Brothers surpassed $3 billion for international box office revenue.

With total revenues at $5.04 billion — $3.14 billion from international sales and $1.90 billion from domestic — Warner topped the list of Hollywood studios —  and a total of 19 new releases during 2013.

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Transmedia: Jeff Gomez Shares Three Digital Storytelling Rules

Transmedia really in and of itself doesn’t mean all that much. It’s about being able to communicate across various platforms in some kind of meaningful way. Transmedia storytelling means you’re telling stories but you’re using different media in order to get the entire story.

In an ideal world, that transmedia element is something that is going to enhance your experience of the narrative. It’s going to give you new insight and play to the strength of the medium.

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BFI NET.WORK – How the UK Supports Emerging Filmmakers

The BFI NET.WORK will connect the UK’s film agencies for the first time, bringing together experienced development teams and talent centres to offer hands-on and holistic development opportunities for promising UK writers, directors and producers who are yet to make their first feature film.

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Measuring the Emotional Impact of a Story within Short Video

The audience members at ‘Shape of Story’ used a smartphone-enabled web application to “tag” moments of emotional impact while watching seven short films. A visualization of their aggregated marks was shown after each short while they submitted comments to contextualize their reactions.

The shape of each story and a curated selection of comments were displayed on the big screen during the discussion held after the screening. The crowd feedback helped structure the conversation.

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How Austin, Texas Became an Open Creative Talent Magnet

Austin’s evolution into one of Texas’s most economically important cities speaks to broader policy questions, including immigration. Specifically, it speaks to the undeniable good that comes with a welcoming stance toward newcomers.

Austin booms at present because the talented are moving there, and job-creating investment follows the talented.

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Transmedia: Digital Convergence at the New York Film Festival

Transmedia may be a nouveau buzzword, but at the New York Film Festival the term sits alongside established genres like documentaries, retrospectives and restored masterpieces.

Moving images make up a significant component of all these projects, and more and more filmmakers are pushing the boundaries of form as digital tools become cheaper and easier to use.

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BFI NET.WORK – UK Creative Talent Development in Action

The NET.WORK is a key initiative to support promising writers, directors and producers from the nations and regions of the UK and is central to the BFI’s strategy, detailed in its Film Forever five year plan, to discover and support the next generation of UK filmmaking talent.

BFI will work with national partners Creative England, Creative Scotland, Film Agency for Wales and Northern Ireland Screen to establish a joined-up network of experienced development teams across the UK.

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Upside for the $18.5 Billion U.S. Video Entertainment Market

The filmed entertainment divisions of the U.S. studios have seen their revenue and operating profit go sideways over the past five years, their continuing growth in TV-show licensing revenue being wiped out by declines on the movie side.

With a 4 percent gain in overall home entertainment spending in 2012, and just modest declines so far in 2013, there’s some indication that home entertainment revenues are stabilizing.

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Transmedia: the Future of Storytelling, with Tom Perlmutter

The Future of StoryTelling (FoST) will host its second annual in New York City on Thursday, October 3rd. FoST gathers a community of storytellers across all disciplines — including film, TV, publishing, music, gaming, journalism, adverting, and more — to explore how technology is changing the way we communicate and tell stories.

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Transmedia: Exploring the New York Film Festival 2013

The word premieres of two interactive documentary projects and the New York debuts of a handful of multiplatform titles are among the offerings on tap for Convergence, the New York Film Festival’s second annual slate of transmedia programming.

Driven by tech innovation and the proliferation of digital possibilities, transmedia storytelling has become an increasingly prominent component of film festivals.

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