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Crowdfunding for Filmmakers – Pitch, Perks and Promotion

We as filmmakers must strive to create something more experiential than another movie campaign; more and more of us are pulling a page from the book of transmedia and crafting campaign experiences to further engage their audience in creative ways.

In my book “Crowdfunding for Filmmakers,” I write in detail about the “three Ps” of crowdfunding — Pitch, Perks and Promotion.

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Transmedia: Lionsgate Launches ‘Capitol Couture’ Movie Promo

Lionsgate is running an impressive transmedia viral for the upcoming “Hunger Games” sequel called “Catching Fire” that’s focusing on the crazy style of The Capitol.

In addition to hitting the social networks with imagery for a fashion line called “Capitol Couture,” they’ve also placed a few billboards and other ads around the nation.

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Why 2013 Marks a Key Turning Point for 3D Movies

Cinema box office revenues from 3D film releases in North America fell 13.1% in the first half of 2013 to $1.05 billion — that’s compared with $1.21 billion in 2012, according to IHS.

It was the second quarter which recorded the stronger performance of 23.2 percent of total box office coming from 3D screens. This was a large improvement on the 12.2 percent share in the first three months of 2013.

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Sony Opens New Digital Facility at UK Pinewood Studios

The new facility, which is set to open at the UK studios at the end of September, is intended to help filmmakers capitalize on digital technologies

It has been designed as an industry-wide resource for training and knowledge sharing on Sony’s latest cameras, combined with workflows from industry partners.

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Why Tech can be a Double-Edge Sword in Filmmaking

Spike Lee grabbed the tech spotlight last week by launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for his next feature film. He has until August 21 to meet his goal of raising $1.25 million.

My concerns are when technology rules the art, instead of the artist ruling and commanding the technology.

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The Cinema Market in China is Second Largest in the World

According to Screen Digest, China is now the second largest market in the world by box office revenue, and the third largest by film production.

With an average annual growth rate of 35.5 percent each year, the Chinese movie industry is demanding more attention than ever before.

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Transmedia: Making Movies for Underserved Latino Audiences

How Hollywood Should be Making Movies for Latino Audiences | Variety

According to our experience and feedback on the website, Latinos are really big into and embrace transmedia storytelling techniques, with material that normally wouldn’t make it into a screenplay because of the compressed running time of movies, but is native to the comicbook format and integral to the overall story.

With us also being fanboys, we came up with a prequel comicbook that takes place right before the events of ‘Breakneck.

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Transmedia: Disney Releases The Lone Ranger Mobile Game

Mobile games are the new tie-ins for Hollywood blockbusters. That’s why Disney is launching a mobile game based on director Gore Verbinski’s upcoming “The Lone Ranger” film.

For a time, social network games were the new “transmedia” tie-in opportunities for game-movie synergy. But social games have lost some of their luster, and mobile gaming is rising rapidly.

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Spielberg, Lucas: Why Internet TV is the Future of Entertainment

Steven Spielberg and George Lucas

Looking into their crystal ball, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg predicted the imminent arrival of a radically different entertainment landscape, including pricey movie tickets, a vast migration of content to video-on-demand and even programmable dreams.

Spielberg noted that because so many forms of entertainment are competing for attention, they would rather spend $250 million on a single film than make several personal, quirky projects.

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Google Search Data Can Predict Cinema Box Office Results

Search has become a go-to source of information for moviegoers. Understand how Google search and paid click patterns can predict box office, and what digital engagement can tell us about the moviegoer decision-making process.

By examining the timing and category of Google searches and paid clicks, we identify several factors that signal how a movie will perform at the box office.

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