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Why CFOs Fund ‘Remote Work’ IT Infrastructure

Why CFOs Fund Remote Work IT Infrastructure

“Flexible work is an essential component of the future of business, and it seems that it’s here to stay. 72% of CFOs believe that work flexibility will make their company better in the long run. This drives home the urgent need to bolster remote work capabilities — enabling employees to work from wherever they want, whenever they want.”

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Corporate Board Leadership: 6 Key Recovery Themes

Corporate Board Leadership: 6 Key Recovery Themes

“Risk and oversight have been brought into sharp focus in this increasingly uncertain world, as leaders protect liquidity while considering the implications of difficult decisions and trade-offs on achieving this. Nine out of 10 surveyed think the pandemic will change how organizations balance risk and resilience.”

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Savvy CFOs are Upbeat on the Remote Working Trends

Savvy CFOs are Upbeat on Remote Working Trends

“Remote working continues to catch on as a viable alternative to the workplace. More than half of leaders (54%) now say they plan to make remote work a permanent option for roles that allow it, up from 43% in our last survey.”

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IBM Study: Why ‘Remote Work’ is The New Normal

IBM Study: Why 'Remote Work' is The New Normal

“Remote work appears to be growing on people, as more than 75 percent indicate they would like to continue to work remotely at least occasionally, while more than half – 54 percent – would like this to be their primary way of working.

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Machine Learning Apps in Healthcare, Finance and Retail

Machine Learning Apps in Healthcare, Finance and Retail

“Any technology that is sufficiently general-purpose has opportunities in a crisis. And machine learning is a general-purpose layer of technology that is enabling all sorts of use cases across every industry. In the good times, there is a surge of innovation and new technical development, which we have seen in spades in AI over the past five years.”

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Why Savvy IT Vendors Provide ROI Business Cases

Why Savvy IT Vendors Provide ROI Business Cases

“Decision makers indicated that a business case was the most useful format to get information and content when making a technology purchasing decision. They want insight into how their peers are facing similar challenges and a clear demonstration of business value.”

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Digital Transformation of Finance Gains Momentum in 2020

Digital Transformation of Finance Gains Momentum in 2020

By accelerating cloud migration and the adoption of RPA, data visualization and advanced analytics solutions, finance is seeking to optimize cost efficiency while driving enterprise growth. Most finance executives expect to see an increase of 5-10% in 2020.

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Rising Demand for Cybersecurity Risk Assessments

Rising Demand for Cybersecurity Risk Assessments

The World Economic Forum along with leaders and cybersecurity experts in the investment industry have developed a due care standard to guide investor responsibility in terms of cybersecurity.

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Davos 2020: Why Your Data is a Valuable Currency

Davos 2020: Why Your Data is a Valuable Currency

Data has become the world’s most valuable currency. It is being produced at an unprecedented scale and pace. In just one day, roughly 500 million tweets are posted. Around 294 billion emails are sent. Five billion searches are made. Every day, we produce 2.5 quintillion bytes of information.”

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New Realities of Technology Mergers & Acquisitions

New Realities of Technology Mergers & Acquisitions

“Scope deals have accounted for almost 90% of technology deals so far in 2019, up from only 50% four years earlier — a clear sign that tech companies are looking to expand their lines of business and their own capabilities.

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