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Exploring Blockchain Feature Application Potential

Exploring Blockchain Feature Application Potential

“Blockchain is often discussed as if it is one single technology. But it is really a combination of several distinct features – decentralization, distribution, cryptography, and automation – which are combined in different ways by different platforms.”

via World Economic Forum

Blockchain Supply Chain Market to Reach $9.8B by 2025

Blockchain Supply Chain Market to Reach $9.8B by 2025

The global blockchain supply chain market size was valued at $93.16 Million in 2017 and is projected to reach $9,852.91 Million by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 80.2% from 2018 to 2025.

via Allied Market Research

How Financial Services Disruption Created Opportunities

How Financial Services Disruption Created Opportunities

According to Juniper Research, driven by the increasing acceptance of alternative approaches to traditional banking solutions, fintech platform revenues will reach $638 billion by 2024 — that’s up from an estimated $263 billion in 2019.

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Digital Payments Reach $6.7 Trillion in B2B Transactions

Digital Payments Reach $6.7 Trillion in B2B Transactions

According to the latest worldwide market study by Juniper Research, B2B transactions processed by pureplay digital payment operators will reach $14 trillion by 2023 — that’s up from $6.7 trillion in 2018.

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Data Protection and the Future of Financial Services

Data Protection and the Future of Financial Services

“92 percent of those surveyed agreed that companies must be proactive about data protection. The good news for banks: most consumers (42%) trust them more than any other industry, apart from hospitals.”

via World Economic Forum

B2B Virtual Cards will Expand Global Online Payments

B2B Virtual Cards will Expand Global Online Payments

According to Juniper Research, the annual value of virtual cards (e.g. temporary card numbers only available for a single transaction or limited time) used by businesses will grow by 90 percent over the next four years — exceeding $1 trillion by 2022.

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Fintech: Game-Changing Opportunities for Small Business

Fintech: Game-Changing Opportunities for Small Business

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data will transform financial services and small-business lending long before they impact driverless cars, predicts Harvard Business School Senior Fellow Karen G. Mills.

via Harvard Business School