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Future of Work: The Venture Capital Investment Upside

Future of Work: The Venture Capital Investment Upside

The early indications suggest the fundraising environment has NOT changed as a result of the pandemic. In fact, if you compare fundraising in ‘Future of Work’ companies in April 2019 vs. April 2020, it was actually up 40% year over year.

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Future of Work: Why Mastering Digital Skills Matter

Future of Work: Why Mastering Digital Skills Matter

“For decades, progressive business thinkers have heralded the arrival of the disruptive ‘future of work’. And now, it seems to have finally arrived. Generational and societal shifts have forced organizations to reimagine roles, benefits, and the very definition of a career.”

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The Future of the City in the Digital Age

For many people, the draw of cities is their pulse and flow, the veer and crush of humans, our shared machines, the vertical, the symmetrical, the seemingly impossible. We connect, go forward, are thrust.

The sheer matrix of it, the complexity of relationships and their potential outcomes, is almost a will unto itself, compelling us to be shaped, inviting us to form and move with it.

Cities challenge us to manage their many networks, all of which must be managed or facilitated by both people and automated systems.

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