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Why Smartphone Adoption has Grown Rapidly in Germany

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Smartphones are increasingly the digital device of choice for many consumers in Germany. Smartphone penetration in the German market has risen sharply in recent years, and 74% of respondents polled in January 2016 said they now used a smartphone.

Source: eMarketer

How Retailers Gain more Mobile Web Conversions in Germany

Mobile online shopping in Germany

Mobile online shopping has advanced in Germany. And just like France and the U.S., retailers in Germany with mobile-optimized web sites have seen a notable boost in conversions, as more visitors viewed more products online.

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Exploring the Internet Commerce Characteristics within Germany

Digital Commerce

Digital media channels are now a feature of everyday life for most people in Germany. Internet penetration among those ages 10 to 39 was about 95% — and about 90% among those ages 40 to 49.

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Smart Wearable Device Market Reached $618 Million in Germany

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To date, wearables haven’t been a runaway success in any Western European market, but interest and sales are rising steadily in Germany. About 3.6 million wearable devices were sold in Germany during 2014, bringing retailers €465.7 million (nearly $618 million).

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Digital Marketing – The Talent Revolution Goals and Objectives

The Talent Revolution

One of the biggest challenges is marketers still “don’t know what they don’t know” when it comes to marketing in a digital world. So Google Digital Academy, the Boston Consulting Group, the Knowledge Engineers, the IAB, the IPA, the Marketing Academy, ISBA, and the Marketing Society have teamed up to help bridge the digital skills gap.

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Understanding the Digital Video Usage Trends within Europe

Digital Video Europe

Digital video viewing in Western Europe is becoming increasingly common. However, in the four continental EU-5 nations — France, Germany, Italy and Spain — there’s a clear split in consumption habits, according to eMarketer. In France and Germany, there’s a much greater willingness to pay for professionally produced digital video content.

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Mobile Internet Use in Germany has a Big Economic Impact

Last year, 54% of residents in Germany used mobile devices to access the internet on the go — that’s compared with 40% in 2013. Nearly one-quarter (23%) of mobile device users used a 4G connection to access the web — more than three times the proportion in 2013.

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Nearly 40% of Senior Citizens in Germany Use the Internet

Millions of older people in Germany can no longer imagine life without the internet. More than half of older internet users (52%) said the web had improved their quality of life, and six in 10 said it helped keep them mentally fit.

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Europe’s Tech Talent Shortage is a Huge Economic Handicap

The UK and Germany have established themselves as the powerhouses of European tech. However,while the lifeblood of these ecosystems is the talent pipeline, there is concern that a skills shortage is holding back growth and undermining the potential of local start-ups to compete. Meanwhile, the quest for developers continues…

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How the Mobile Internet is Gaining New Users in Germany

In Germany, mobile internet penetration is fast approaching 50%, as smartphones and tablets provide quick, convenient access to the web. Males have taken the lead in mobile internet access — they outnumbered female users in Germany by nearly 3.5 million and accounted for 55.0% of all mobile internet users in Q2 2014.

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