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Exploring the Rise of Digital Banking Usage in Germany

Digital banking has won over a clear majority of Germany’s consumers, judging by a BITKOM survey conducted by ARIS. The research found that 68% of internet users polled — equivalent to 37 million people across the country — were also digital banking users.

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Mobile Digital Video Gaming is Gaining Momentum in Germany

The video gaming shift to digital in Europe has been happening for a few years, and mobile is rapidly increasing its share of the video gaming market in Germany.  Smartphone and tablet gaming app revenues in Germany came in at €465 million ($620 million) in 2014, representing year-over-year growth of nearly 33 percent.

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Digital Ad Spending in Germany is Forecast to Grow in 2014

After a year in the doldrums, advertising spending in Europe’s strongest economy is finally heading up. In Germany, the overall forecast for ad spending in the country is that it will rise just 2% in 2014.

However, eMarketer estimates that digital ad spending in Germany rose by 9% in 2013 and will grow a further 9.0% in 2014.

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Mobile Internet Adoption Gains Momentum within Germany

More than 25 million German residents access the internet every day with a mobile device, according to a study. Half of all respondents had a smartphone in early 2014, and one in five had a tablet — that’s up from 40% and 15%, respectively, a year earlier.

eMarketer estimates that Germany’s smartphone user population will reach 35.4 million this year.

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More Internet Users in Germany are Now Impacted by Cybercrime

Tens of millions of Germany’s web users are falling victim to computer crime, according to data from BITKOM. A January 2014 survey of 1,021 internet users in the country found that 38% had suffered some kind of cyberattack in the previous 12 months.

Ten percent said they had lost money as a consequence of a cyberattack or theft of personal data, while 9% said they had been deceived.

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Transmedia: 24 Hour Jerusalem Documentary by ARTE and BR

24h Jerusalem: a new transmedia project by ARTE and BR

ARTE and German public broadcaster BR launched the interactive platform 24hjerusalem.tv for its transmedia project and 24-hours long documentary. The platform features complementary second-screen content.

On April 12, the program will air online, on ARTE (both in France and Germany), BR and the Norwegian channel NRK.

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What is Driving Growing Demand for Media Tablets in Germany?

In Germany, 18 million people are now media tablet users, that’s 26% of all consumers ages 14 and older — in late 2012, the proportion was just one in eight (13%).

Tablet penetration was highest (34%) among adults 30 to 49 — a demographic with some disposable income for mobile gadgets.

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Explore the European Digital Media Ad Spend Rankings

eMarketer expects investment in digital advertising to rise steadily in all EU-5 nations through 2017, but the relative rankings remain unchanged. Germany will account for an estimated 19.9% of regional spending in 2013 and 19.1% in 2017.

France will claim 9.9% of digital ad investments this year. Italy and Spain will continue to lag in share, thanks chiefly to the severe economic difficulties both countries are suffering.

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Why Mobile Internet Usage is Rising Rapidly in Germany

Germany is increasingly a nation of mobile gadget users. An April 2013 survey found that penetration of mobile devices did vary between age groups, with younger consumers far more likely to use either a tablet or smartphone.

eMarketer estimates that Germany will see the second-highest tablet user penetration rate in the EU-5, behind only the UK. More than one-quarter of all residents are expected to use a tablet at least once a month this year, rising to 45.9% in 2017.

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European Smartphone Users are Watching Much More Video

Across the EU-5, the proportion of smartphone users who watched video or TV programming on their phones jumped by 112% in the three months ending in June 2013.

That translates to 52.8 million smartphone viewers total, representing 34.8% of the smartphone population in these five nations who regularly viewed TV or video content. Germany registered the most rapid growth, at 150%.

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