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Davos Manifesto 2020: World Economic Forum

Davos Manifesto 2020: World Economic Forum

The purpose of a company is to engage all its stakeholders in shared and sustained value creation. In creating such value, a company serves not only its shareholders, but all its stakeholders – employees, customers, suppliers, local communities and society at large.”

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Best Practices of Innovative Entrepreneur Education

Best Practices of Innovative Entrepreneur Education

The goal is to shift the underlying perceptions and belief systems of individuals, to build their conviction and risk/reward tolerance at a personal level to help them take the leap to become an entrepreneur.”

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The True Cost of Cybercrime, According to Experts

The True Cost of Cybercrime, According to Experts

Organizations have seen security breaches grow by 67% in the past five years. Banking is the most affected, with annual costs crossing $18 million in 2018. This probably comes as no surprise, considering that financial motives are consistently a major incentive for hackers.

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The Circular Economy: Strategic Foresight from 2030

Circular Economy: Strategic Foresight from 2030

“Looking back, few categories benefited more from the vision of our politicians and entrepreneurs than the batteries industry. The cell-powered revolution created 10 million jobs, added $150 billion to the global economy and provided electricity to 600 million people. This was indeed the decade of the battery.”

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Location Trends in The Global Networked Economy

Location Trends in The Global Networked Economy

“The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector ranks third in job creation. Measured by the number of projects, ICT continues to be the leading source of global investment, which highlights the prominent role of digital technologies in the global economy.”

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How Savvy CEOs Prepare for Digital Business Superiority

How Savvy CEOs Prepare for Digital Business Superiority

“The digital economy has been eagerly anticipated for years, but felt to be in the distant future. As we look towards 2020, we can see the digital economy appear on the horizon. By 2022, 46% of all WW GDP will come from digital offerings, according to IDC’s research.”

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Platform Ecosystems in a Global Networked Economy

Platform Ecosystems in a Global Networked Economy

Digital technology is creating digital societies; mass services are replacing mass manufacturing as the source of welfare enhancement, and shared assets are supplanting exclusive asset ownership. This is the age of the Platform nation in a new economy.

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