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Exploring Blockchain Feature Application Potential

Exploring Blockchain Feature Application Potential

“Blockchain is often discussed as if it is one single technology. But it is really a combination of several distinct features – decentralization, distribution, cryptography, and automation – which are combined in different ways by different platforms.”

via World Economic Forum

Digital Reinvention in a Global Networked Economy

Digital Reinvention in a Global Networked Economy

“Mainstream economics has largely failed to keep up with the rapid pace of digital transformation, and it is struggling to find practical ways to address the growing power of dominant tech companies. If the discipline wants to remain relevant, then it must rethink some of its basic assumptions.”

via World Economic Forum

Global Talent: Innovation Policy and the Economy

Global Talent: Innovation Policy and the Economy

“Talent is the most precious resource for today’s knowledge-based economy, and a significant share of the U.S. skilled workforce in technology fields is foreign-born. The U.S. has long held a leading position in attracting global talent, but the gap to other countries is weakening.”

via Harvard Business School

Adopting Blockchain to Secure Cloud Services

Adopting Blockchain to Secure Cloud Services

Due to the popularity of the cloud for businesses and the fact that many are so unprepared concerning cybersecurity, some people are exploring specific ways to secure the cloud. The blockchain is one viable possibility for keeping valuable details safe from cybercriminals.

via World Economic Forum

Innovation Capital: An Emerging Source of Competitive Advantage

Innovation Capital: An Emerging Source of Competitive Advantage

“Our study of hundreds of S&P 500 CEOs shows some are better than others at building this quality that separates them from the pack, what we call innovation capital — an intangible capital that helps you win backing to turn novel ideas into reality.”

via Chief Executive

Why Mergers and Acquisitions are Declining in 2019

Why Mergers and Acquisitions are Declining in 2019

Greater market volatility, geopolitical tensions between the U.S. and China, Brexit anxiety in Europe, and economic headwinds precipitated a slowdown in M&A activity. Only 3,558 transactions worth $801.5B were registered in 1Q19, a 15% decrease compared to 1Q18 (5,085 deals worth $943.5B).

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Digital Economy: How to Value the Internet

Digital Economy: How to Value the Internet

“Without a valid tool to measure the value of the digital economy, policymakers are left scratching their heads over how to manage it. That led a group of economists at MIT to develop a new tool to measure the benefits of the digital economy.”

via World Economic Forum