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Why Digital Government is Gaining New Momentum

Why Digital Government is Gaining New Momentum

Will the U.S. government’s IT organizations be ready to play their part in assuring the nation’s eminence in cognitive computing? Clearly, they must evolve. By 2023, about half the roles that government CIOs will oversee do not exist in government IT organizations today, according to the latest market study by Gartner.

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How Blockchain Can Help Leaders Defeat Corruption

How Blockchain Can Help Leaders Defeat Corruption

“Blockchain is generating much hype and hope as an antidote to corruption. It possesses important features that can help anchor integrity in bureaucracies, by securing identity, tracking funds, registering assets, and procuring contracts.”

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Digital Government Leadership Transformed Estonia

Digital Government Leadership Transformed Estonia

“No nation will change just because it goes digital. Every state is a culture, and that mix of what makes up a nation’s personality remains the same in the analog and digital worlds. Every country has to find its own path.”

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Why Smart Cities Invest in Digital Transformation

Why Smart Cities Invest in Digital Transformation

Unprecedented urbanization is compelling cities to fundamentally reimagine and transform for the future – and fast. According to a study, roughly half of the world’s population lives in cities today and that figure is expected to increase to 68% by 2050.

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New Economic Policy for American AI Innovation

New Economic Policy for American AI Innovation

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies could create more economic opportunity than entire industries. But AI poses threats as well and U.S. political leaders seem unaware of potential consequences. Do we need an AI czar? asks James Heskett.

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How Internet Taxes Handicap Local Economies

How Internet Taxes Handicap Local Economies

Unaffordable internet is a major contributor to the fact that half the world is unconnected. Lack of connectivity has major negative impacts on a country’s education, health, productivity and growth. Many countries, especially those in emerging economies, tax internet access at a very high level.

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How Open Data Initiatives Fuel Mobility-as-a-Service

How Open Data Initiatives Fuel Mobility-as-a-Service

With rising levels of automobile traffic congestion and its environmental impact, there are now more efforts focused on finding ways to make urban travel more efficient. A catalyst for this change has been the principle of Open Data, which is where cities release as much data as possible about local transport, allowing companies to tailor services that fill gaps in coverage.

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