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Government Leaders Fail to Fund New IT Infrastructure

Government Leaders Fail to Fund New IT Infrastructure

Fifty-eight percent of government CIOs faced organizational disruption during the past four years, according to the latest worldwide market study by Gartner. Fifty-two percent of respondents said they had also faced a funding shortfall in that same timeframe.

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OECD Explores Artificial Intelligence Policy Issues

OECD Explores Artificial Intelligence Policy Issues

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming every aspect of our lives. It influences how we work and play. It promises to help solve global challenges like climate change and access to quality medical care. Yet AI also brings real challenges for governments and citizens alike.

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How AI Innovation will Transform Work in Government

How AI Innovation will Transform Work in Government

By 2021, 30% of agencies will embrace the organizational skills and technological innovations impacting the future of work to enhance their ability to recruit, train, and retain key personnel. See why AI, remote work, and always-on capabilities are becoming essential to government operations.

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Why the Decline of Journalism is a Threat to Democracy


A recent study found that the use of technology will weaken democracy between now and 2030 due to the speed and scope of reality distortion, the decline of journalism and the impact of surveillance capitalism.

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The Upside for Smart City Device Management Solutions

The Upside for Smart City Device Management Solutions

Smart city projects will gain new momentum in 2020 as more municipal government leaders adopt new technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) communications.

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Edelman Trust Barometer: A Failure of Capitalism


“The 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer reveals that despite a strong global economy and near full employment, a majority of respondents in every developed market do not believe they will be better off in five years’ time, and 56 percent believe that capitalism in its current form is now doing more harm than good in the world.”

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U.S. Federal Government IT Security and Privacy

U.S. Federal Government IT Security and Privacy

“The most obvious place the government excels is in the area of encryption. The reason for this is largely due to a mandate from the Homeland Security Department that all U.S. Government sites be encrypted, but the standard should still be the same for any site.”

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Why Artificial Intelligence Creates a Digital Disjuncture

Why Artificial Intelligence Creates a Digital Disjuncture

“Although much of AI hardware and software investment is being driven by the private sector in industries such as retail, banking and manufacturing, its development is unfolding against the backdrop of an increasingly contested geopolitical and geotechnological environment.”

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Trust 4.0: New Model for The Global Networked Economy

Trust 4.0: New Model for The Global Networked Economy

“Now, with the Fourth Industrial Revolution underway, the model for trust must evolve once again. In a complex and ever-changing environment, we need a new model, Trust 4.0, that builds a bridge across tribes, cultures and systems; from peer-to-peer networks to top-down structures.”

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Explore the OECD Going Digital Toolkit

Explore the OECD Going Digital Toolkit

The Going Digital Toolkit helps countries assess their state of digital development and formulate policy strategies and approaches in response. Data exploration and visualization are key features of the Toolkit.

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