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Emerging GovTech Innovation will Blossom in 2020

Emerging GovTech Innovation will Blossom in 2020

Technology is changing and challenging governments around the world. With data analytics and artificial intelligence, new technologies present governments with tremendous opportunities to improve public services, get better value-for-money, and curb corruption.

via World Economic Forum

Digital Politics: Exposing The Post-Truth Reality

Digital Politics: Exposing The Post-Truth Reality

“The nebulous realm of political advertising, issue advertising and microtargeting on digital platforms has sparked outrage and debate among industry leaders, political campaigners and citizens as to what needs to change in order to combat disinformation.”

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Digital Democracy: Quest for New Laws and Governance

Digital Democracy: Quest for New Laws and Governance

Over 2,500 years after the birth of democracy in Ancient Greece, and just a few hundred years after its resurgence at the end of the medieval times, we are transitioning into a ‘digital democracy’. Now is the time for new thinking.

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Healthcare IT Outsourcing Revenue will Reach $61.2 Billion

Healthcare IT Outsourcing Revenue will Reach $61.2  Billion

The healthcare IT outsourcing market will grow as government mandates lead to more spending on improving IT operations. Demand for high-quality healthcare is rising. The IT outsourcing market is expected to reach $61.2  billion, at a 6.70% CAGR.

via Transparency Research

Taxpayers Oppose U.S. Cities Paying Hackers Ransom

Taxpayers Oppose U.S. Cities Paying Hackers Ransom

Nearly 80% of U.S. citizens surveyed are worried about ransomware attacks on cities – yet more than half are still hesitant to have city governments pay hackers or implement cybersecurity defenses to help protect against further attacks.

via IBM

How Transparency and Technology Improve Government

How Transparency and Technology Improve Government

“With the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, governments now have new and innovative tools that can make significant inroads into protecting taxpayers’ money and save millions of dollars at all levels – federal, state, city and municipalities.”

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Exploring Government Adoption of Artificial Intelligence

Exploring Government Adoption of Artificial Intelligence

From transportation solutions to video-streaming applications, artificial intelligence (AI) permeates almost every aspect of our lives. This includes government, where AI is increasingly making an impact. Consider these public-sector examples.

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How Multicloud Benefits the Private and Public Sectors

How Multicloud Benefits the Private & Public Sectors

According to the Internet Economy Foundation, to ensure diversity and innovation in the cloud computing market and increase cyber-attack resilience, the government needs to ensure free and fair competition.

via Internet Economy Foundation

Smart Pole Revenue will Reach $1 Billion in 2022

Smart Pole Revenue will Reach $1 Billion in 2022

Various governments have started initiatives to transform their cities into a smart city. According to TMR, with the adaptation of digital technology on a street level, street lights are experiencing a makeover and are being revamped into ‘smart’ street lights.

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National Innovation Policy Thought Leadership Trends

National Innovation Policy Thought Leadership Trends

Government innovation policies have to be based upon, and directed towards improving, the performance and practices of the new industrial era. The way innovation occurs is changing – and so the indicators that measure it must respond to this new reality.

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