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Global Cargo Tracking Revenue will Reach €1.8 Billion

Global Cargo Tracking Revenue will Reach €1.8 Billion

Applications for the Internet of Things (IoT) are helping to transform the global cargo sector. According to Berg Insight, the number of active tracking devices deployed for cargo loading units — including trailers, intermodal containers, rail freight wagons, air cargo containers, cargo boxes and pallets — reached 6.1 million worldwide in 2018.

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Global Nano GPS Chipset Market Development

Global Nano GPS Chipset Market Development

The global Nano GPS chipset market was valued at $452.7 million in 2017 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 12.02% from 2018 to 2026, to reach a value of $1.2 billion by the end of the forecast period.

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GPS and Internet of Things Enable New Tracking Apps

GPS and Internet of Things Enable New Tracking Apps

According to the latest market study by Berg Insight, the market for consumer GPS pet trackers and services in Europe and North America is forecast to grow from € 60 million in 2017 to reach about € 340 million in 2022.

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Emerging New GPS Technology Applications Move Indoors

indoor GPS market research

GPS personal tracking device shipments will more than double by 2021 with a 21 percent CAGR, as the industry shifts away from traditional markets, such as family and pet locator devices.

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How Mobile Enables Digital Proximity Marketing Apps

Digital map usage has exploded in the smartphone era, with double-digit gains in users and usage now accounting for billions of minutes of mobile device time each month.

Across all platforms, the U.S. digital map user base totaled 163 million in June 2014.

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Explore Upside Opportunities for Wireless Connectivity Integration

Wireless communication capabilities will become embedded in more and more everyday devices over time. The resulting connectivity applications seem limitless. Moreover, the growing demand creates a huge opportunity for wireless chipset manufacturers.

Annual wireless connectivity chipset shipments across Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, GPS, and ZigBee show no sign of slowing down, reaching almost nine billion annual shipments by 2019.

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Early-Adopters Test Proximity Marketing via the Mobile Channel

Although aspects of proximity marketing — targeted marketing with a geographic radius of roughly 100 meters — have been in place for nearly a decade, the field is still new enough to make it extremely difficult to forecast.

Right now, the only thing that everyone agrees on is that 2014 will be filled with small-scale tests.

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More Wireless Telematics Apps for Commercial Fleets in 2014

There will be more M2M and traditional mobile communications applications introduced for the first time within the American commercial vehicle sector. New adoption within the non-trucking sector is expected to equal the trucking industry — in terms of numbers of connected vehicles — by the end of 2014.

And, it will dominate the commercial fleet telematics industry by the end of 2019, accounting for almost 50 million vehicles globally.

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How UK Smartphone Owners Respond to Mobile Marketing

More and more UK consumers are reaching for smartphones while browsing in physical retail stores. A recent study looked at a wide range of shopping behaviors  — from general research to price-checking and purchasing.

Researching is now the norm. Seven in 10 respondents had used their phones to check out potential purchases and compare prices.

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Exploring In-Store Retail Apps for Location-Based Mobile Data

Now retailers are evaluating, piloting and in some cases fully leveraging data sourced via in-store digital cameras, and various smartphone-based data sources to better understand customer movements and interactions in physical stores.

In most cases, anonymized location data is utilized to directly engage the consumer with relevant offers, messages and services or to plan product placements, adjacencies, and assortments.

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