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Remote Patient Monitoring Revenue will Reach $1.15 Billion

Remote Patient Monitoring Revenue will Reach $1.15B

AI technology is poised to become more visible across the healthcare process and clinical workflows. There will be significant opportunities in the virtual assistant space and other data-driven AI applications,” said Chandni Mathur, an analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

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How Data-Driven Treatment will Transform Healthcare


Data, analytics, and artificial intelligence can help to improve healthcare choices. Data is behind the explosion of “precision medicine” and “personalized medicine” — and now, data can be used to identify the best treatment options for an individual.

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Exploring The World’s Most Innovative Countries

The World’s Most Innovative Countries

“This year’s GII shows how big data and artificial intelligence have begun to dominate the health equation. Those who hold the data and analyze it will become more and more powerful. A large part of health-related decisions may move away from the medical professions into the hands of large data consortium.”

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How AI Can Help Us Decode Human Immunity

How AI Can Help Us Decode Human Immunity

“By merging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to analyze these individual data sets, we can better understand the molecular-level dynamics of the human immune system and start mapping its governing rules.”

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Universal Healthcare and Artificial Intelligence Trends

Universal Healthcare and Artificial Intelligence Trends

“Ongoing digitalization and the introduction of new technologies, like telehealth and AI, are already breaking down boundaries and creating patient-centric healthcare systems.”

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B2B Virtual Cards will Expand Global Online Payments

B2B Virtual Cards will Expand Global Online Payments

According to Juniper Research, the annual value of virtual cards (e.g. temporary card numbers only available for a single transaction or limited time) used by businesses will grow by 90 percent over the next four years — exceeding $1 trillion by 2022.

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Facial Recognition: 16 Industries Ready for Transformation

Facial Recognition: 16 Industries Ready for Transformation

From screening patients for clinical trials to assessing the emotional state of drivers, CB Insights outlines how facial recognition technology is shaping the future of commerce.

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Exploring Healthcare Apps with Artificial Intelligence

Exploring Healthcare Apps with Artificial Intelligence

A future where personal digital healthcare assistants monitor every aspect of our health and well-being, and screening for and treating disease is tailored to our DNA, isn’t science-fiction. It’s getting closer every day.

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Digital Healthcare Advances via Remote Monitoring Apps

Digital Healthcare Advances via Remote Monitoring Apps

New findings from Juniper Research reveal that wearables, including health trackers and remote patient monitoring devices, are set to become ‘must haves’ in delivering healthcare, with $20 billion forecast to be spent annually on these devices by 2023.

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AI and Machine Learning Use Cases in Healthcare

AI and Machine Learning Use Cases in Healthcare

Cigna Corp. is using artificial intelligence to predict whether patients might abuse and or overdose on prescription opioids as part of the company’s commitment to reducing the substance’s use. Cigna has hired more than 1,000 data scientists, software engineers and analytics experts.

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