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How to Inspire a Remote Working Team

How to Inspire a Remote Working Team

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen remote working become mainstream – but how do you manage a team when you’re not in the office together? Tools such as building trust, embracing different perspectives and revisiting a team’s purpose are all crucial in times of change. Here, leaders and experts share their advice for remote management.

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9 Essentials for Returning to a New Normal

9 Essentials for Returning to a New Normal

No one knows what a “new normal” will look like six months or even six weeks from now. Whether working virtually or on-site, one thing we know is that a new shape of work will emerge. Quickening the pace towards reinvention, however, requires a concerted effort.

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Rethinking Work, the Workforce and Workplace

Rethinking Work, the Workforce and Workplace

Can companies leverage the lessons of their COVID-19 crisis response and accelerate the future of work? That has been partly achieved already: the soaring stock market values of Big Tech companies reflects the speed of the pivot to virtual offices. — Now, learn how to rethink and thrive.

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HR Role in Digital Skills Learning and Development

HR Role in Digital Skills Learning and Development

Digital transformation is accelerating as COVID-19 shifts business models, adding to the already widespread demand for digital skills. The imperative for HR is to acquire the right digital skills, but how do you know what to prioritize? Here’s the answer.

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Human ROI: A Framework for Appraising Tangible Talent


“An accounting framework for human capital that incorporates these guiding principles needs to go beyond existing metrics. We propose a three-part framework that can help companies better understand how work and talent can create value in a post-COVID-19 workplace:”

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Agile HR Innovation: The Digital Transformation of Talent

Agile HR Innovation: The Digital Transformation of Talent

“As agile continues to be applied to areas and functions outside of IT, HR leaders hope to capture benefits for their own function, such as improved alignment to organizational priorities and rapid changes, as well as better, more relevant support. The challenge is how exactly to do this and where to start.”

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Explore the 2020 Global Human Capital Trends

Explore the 2020 Global Human Capital Trends

How can organizations remain distinctly human in a technology-driven world? This year’s Global Human Capital Trends report calls upon organizations to embrace three attributes — purpose, potential, and perspective — that characterize what it means to fuse people and technology to perform as a social enterprise at work.

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HR Leaders Prepare for a Future of Working Remotely

HR Leaders Prepare for a Future of Working Remotely

“Digitalization is crucial, as it will help companies enable their internal functions with collaboration and productivity tools for employees and improve operational efficiency with agile business continuity plans. The acceleration can be credited to the urgency to support employees working remotely…” The ‘open office’ model is now history.

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Open Your Organization to Honest Conversations

Open Your Organization to Honest Conversations

“When company leaders can’t hear the voices of their workers, serious strategic mistakes are likely. Michael Beer discusses ways organizations can build powerful communication channels.” Discover why senior leaders are responsible for a real ‘Open Organization’ culture. Speak up, don’t be afraid.

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Future of Intelligence: Top 3 Enterprise Learning Goals

Future of Intelligence: Top 3 Enterprise Learning Goals

“In order to separate themselves from their competitors, truly intelligent enterprises will need to focus on cultivating the ability to continuously learn at scale and apply that learning across the entire organization instead of in departmental silos quickly.”

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