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Skills Gap Analysis: How to Win the Race for Talent


“In a 2019 Gartner survey, only 40% of HR leaders reported their workforce planning activities were effective at aligning talent needs with business objectives, and only 41% said they’re good at analyzing internal labor markets.”

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Why Digital Content Strategy Leadership is Essential

Why Digital Content Strategy Leadership is Essential

“Only 48% of the communications collateral used by companies to influence stakeholder perceptions is easy to process. The majority is complex, containing too much extraneous information. Leaders must eliminate the nonessential and remove clutter so that messages are concise and easy to digest.”

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Human Resource Analytics, Learning and Development


“Sixty-five percent of survey respondents overall said they expect their HR budgets to increase in 2020, while only 17% expect a decrease and 19% expect no change. The survey received responses from 373 HR leaders of director level and above globally.”

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Smart Automation Can Transform Human Resources

Smart Automation Can Transform Human Resources

“Typical HR organizations can reduce costs by 17% and operate with 26% fewer staff hours – while also improving effectiveness and customer experience – by adopting smart automation approaches, including robotic process automation and smart data capture.

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Why Robots and People Will Naturally Coexist Together

Why Robots and People Will Naturally Coexist Together

“The imperative for humans and machines working together is clear. That doesn’t mean the constant media hype about robot overlords doesn’t have an impact – workers hearing about their jobs being displaced on a regular basis may still have reservations about machine co-workers.”

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The Antihero Leaders of Digital Transformation

The Antihero Leaders of Digital Transformation

Transformational change often requires leaders to adopt an “antihero” style, characterized by empathy, humility, self-awareness, flexibility, and an ability to acknowledge uncertainty.

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Strategic HR Drives the Quest for Digital Talent

Strategic HR Drives the Quest for Digital Talent

With digital transformation ongoing and the resulting struggle for talent still very much an issue, the roles and responsibilities of HR departments within organizations have changed. HR management has become a strategic issue in order to win, develop, and retain experts and high-profile staff.

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Four Ways to Nurture a Digital Talent Culture


The total number of investments venture capital firms have made to private companies in 2018 is on pace to set a five-year record, and venture capital funding is at nearly $443 Billion since 2014. Here’s how they attract and retain the top digital talent.

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Why Remote Worker Options will Gain Momentum in 2016

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Did you know that offering remote work options can reduce employee turnover by 50%? It can also dramatically cut operating costs. When insurance giant Aetna started allowing a large portion of their employees to work from home they were able to eliminate the need for 2.7 million square feet of office space, which saved the company $78 million.

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How Emerging Nations Apply Software to Fuel Innovation

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Although an increasingly digital world suggests that innovation depends on software, the key to capturing innovation’s potential may, in fact, lie in public-private partnerships that drive human capital development and shared knowledge.

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